Sunday, 13 January 2013

Old York

The title simply indicates that well, I wasn't in New York. I was in York for my winter break trip last December and here are the pictures!

Shirt - Uniqlo
Short jeans and coat - Zara
Shawl - H&M
Tights - Monki
Boots - Vivienne Westwood x Melissa
Pin - Oxford University St. John's College's coat of arm
Bag - Cupcake

Photographed by Paulina Koshan

I didn't realize that I was wearing blue colour palette for my 4-day-trip last time until my friend pointed that out. I just basically took everything practical for me to wear so I didn't have to bring a lot of stuff with me because I tried to be practical with the packing that time. I was never a light packer, but I finally maintained to do that yay! I wore the same shoes and bags and coat for 4 days and it felt like I didn't change in the pictures so I took the coat off and sometimes left the bag outside the frames hihihi... Hope you guys had a great weekend! Now get back to the Mondays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday all felt like Monday to me).



Valentina Coco said...

Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!
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Living_in_aShoe said...

great pictures!

Xixia said...

That's a lovely outfit. Blue's such a great and versatile color. :)

X i x i a ❥

Carmen Ri said...

York looks so pretty! Love your denim shirt too :)

Carmen Ri.

jule said...

aah what a stunning location :D
the photos looks great dear
and i like that kind of combinations ( yaeeh jeans shirt <3 )
xoxo ;**

yiqin; said...

lovely <3

Jessica Cai said...

love your denim outfit! these are gorgeous photos :) if you enjoy my blog too, would you like to follow each other? xo jess