Tuesday, 19 June 2012


How's everybody doing? It's a little too early to say that I've had a wonderful week since it's only Tuesday. But, ever since I've finished all my assignments I've been going out nonstop for shopping. If it's not Oxford Circus, then it's Knightsbridge. Or Bond Street, or anywhere, where there are clothing shops in sight. Walking 6-7 hours each day for shopping is definitely my kind of exercise.

Anyway, because I haven't ask my outfit pictures from my friend, I'll post pictures that was taken two years ago (OMG, seriously me!) in Versailles.

Dress - Ciel
Tights and outerwear- Unbranded
Flats - Steve Madden
Bag - Chanel
Accessories - Random

At that time in Versailles Palace there was an exhibition by Takashi Murakami, who I believed ever had a collaboration with Louis Vuitton. Just look at his artwork, can you see the resemblance with any installation in LV around (also) two years ago? Hmmm...

Anyway, now I understand why some people like history and go to historical places or look at historical paintings. Even I would think the same way they did, "What were these people doing when they were being painted by an artist in 1860?" or "What were they doing in this room back then in 1649?" I was curious. What was it like to live in 17th century or what did they talk about? Hahaha... It might be an interesting story to be heard.



Claireta Teressa said...

love the outwear


SeaofGirasoles said...

yes, very cute outwear!!!


Wynne Prasetyo said...

your outfit was lovely. i'm glad of how much we can see of that place from these pictures. history used to be boring in highschool but now it's almost interesting enough for me to google historical stuffs every now and then haha.


Izumi said...

that exhibit is so cute! you look lovely.

Keyta Hawkins said...

Its looks amazing!!! I really want to go there now! hehe

- Keyta x

lepinkbow said...

amazing pictures! and cute outfit! (:


eve said...

Oh the outerwear is really nice ^^
Oh I'm so jealous I would like to go there one more time *_*
Yeah it mught be interesting but still... I hate history! :P
Hugs from Poland ;)

Maurine magdalena said...

great pictures! :)


Flaviana Boni said...

really cool!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Love your outfit! x


Carmen Ri said...

These photos are amazing! I love your outerwear :) I work in Oxford Circus, we may have gone past one another ahah!

Carmen Ri

Ellyzabeth Tanaya said...

gosh I wanna go ther also! following you, mind to followback? :)

Ellyzabeth Tanaya said...

gosh I wanna go ther also! following you, mind to followback? :)

Akiko said...

Gorgeous photos and such a chic look! Perfect Paris outfit :) xo kaiko
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