Friday, 15 June 2012

Relieved and Relaxed

Holiday! Oh yeaaaaahhhh (this sounds so tacky hahahaa!) Anyway, finished everything (well, actually since last Wednesday) but I've just got the time to write it on a blog post now :) Right after I finished my presentation, I headed to Oxford Circus to... what else? SHOP! And today I just went to Harrods for... what else? SHOPPED! And tomorrow I will go to Bond Street and Selfridged for... what freaking else? SHOOOOPPPP!!!!! That feeling when you spend money and you get all these stuff... no, not satisfied, more like a.... GUILTY PLEASURE!!! I'm so hysteric right now (in fact is I'm not shouting or rolling on the floor... I'm just so full of joy inside!) Hahahahaha...

I definitely can't wait to go home. My beloved country, Indonesia, here I come in around two weeks! :D But, before, I should find a storage to store all of my stuff over the summer break, also I need to clean my room from the remainder of all these messy things I left before the submission, like now! I should clean my room now. I didn't realize that blogging will take one and a half hours just by blogwalking, replying comments, and posting a new stuff! Hahaha... But it's a fun thing to do. Keep the spirit up!!!

Dress - Ci Ci, brand available in Topshop
Blazer and tights - Zara
Flats - New Look
Necklace - Frou Frou Design
Bracelet - H&M
Hair band - m)phosis

These were taken last October, actually. Hahaha... just remembered that I should've posted it a long time a go. Ha, like you'd be surprise. Because you know my habit to not post everything directly. Bad one, I know.

Anyhoo, that night I tried Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. It was the only Three Michelin Stars restaurant that Gordon Ramsay has in London, if I'm not mistaken, so that was why my cousin chose this restaurant instead of the other 10. The ambiance and service were definitely excellent. The place was homey. No wonder because it was located near houses and not quite public. Nearest tube station is Victoria, and you can walk for a few minutes and take a bus (forgot what number). Hahaha it was quite a walk.

However, I personally prefer Maze that I've tried in Melbourne last summer (but they closed down already now). I've been meaning to try other different Gordon Ramsay's restaurants but don't know why I haven't. I should treat my tummy and tongue right. Forget the saying "a moment on the lips, forever on the hips" cause I couldn't careless. Hahaha.



Claireta Teressa said...

omg,i wish i could eat there :(
you so lucky,he's my fave chef ever :(

btw you look super cute!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

last october, that's like half a year ago! haha i did that too though (oops). lol
i love your bun!


Elena said...

Pretty outfit :)

Hope you'll visit me, i'll be so grateful :)
Kisses, Elena

Girl Lilikoi said...

Are you Indonesian? Lovely, outfit dear. I always wanted to visit the restaurant when I was in London.

Girl Lilikoi said...

Are you Indonesian? Lovely, outfit dear. I always wanted to visit the restaurant when I was in London.

Amanda said...

oh u look so adorable!