Sunday, 31 July 2011


Okay, so it's not fair for you because I haven't post anything again because I don't have any photographer right now and using a pile of kiddies books as a tripod and a digital camera is not a good idea. I should've asked my cousin but didn't have the chance. I have to recap like, prolly 10 outfit posts. Sigh... sigh... and... sigh.

I looked like a zombie...

My chubby feet

mom's zara blouse as a dress, sox galeri socks, zara oxford shoes, mulberry alexa bag

I even took these pictures on October last year, can you believe that? It was at my friend's seventeenth birthday party. Yes, it was not that formal so I was wearing this. I really miss going to seventeenth birthday parties because, like prom, the guys wore suits and everybody agreed how that affect oneself's look. Okay that's not a concrete reason. The first reason is, we, girls, got to dress up. Second, the guys wore suits.

Okay, okay. Truthfully? Above all that? The togetherness with our high school friends. Now, when I graduated from high school, we wouldn't gather again like that, with our youth energy. Except if we all turn out to be free-spirited parents or so. No. No. That came out wrong. The point is, parties like the sweet seventeenth ones were memorable. Mine was, even though it was not that perfect, but still amazing, for me. I would never ever forget how it felt.

Enough talking about the sweet seventeenth party because the title post is pale. Nawt even related, duh? 'Pale' is because my face looked like a zombie. The end.


Monday, 25 July 2011

I Want to Visit...

I don't know where are these, but the pictures look pretty and the scenes are gorgeous so... yeah, I really wanna go for other vacations. This time in a summer mode.

I've been here two years ago, but it was in winter time (duh?!) so the town was sort of dead. Closed shops and a few locals. I definitely wanna come back to Santorini in summer when the city's alive.

Again, don't know where it is but isn't the circular sofa looks comfy (not to forget the pacman table)? And the surroundings are very much zen.

Aren't these pretty? With all of the lights and the sceneries. Whew.

Gorgeous sunset.

This looks like a cartoon, but I still want to check it out anyway. Feel the Harry Potter vibe.

And this, for another winter vacay. So white.
pictures are from random tumblr accounts
So, where did you guys go for the holiday?

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A Little Bit of Sorbet Raspberry, A Little Bit of Tangerine

tommy hilfiger top, zara trf skirt, flats and bag from shanghai, accessorize necklace

And the ring was a gift from my friend. Actually, the tangerine was only on my nails. Nail polish is by OPI Atomic Orange.


Monday, 18 July 2011


unbranded dress underneath, plaid tunic from shanghai, vintage nina ricci sling bag, random waist belt, sister's necklace, steve madden flats

 My colorful hanger.

Hi. Hello. I'm back from my vacay. It was a great trip, more like siblings-bonding-trip because it was just the three of us--my sister, my younger bro, and moi. But am sorry for not posting pics directly and instead giving you pictures that my cousin took before I left hehehe...
The last days that I was in my vacation, I was quite homesick. I wanted to come home and sleep in my own bed and bathe in my own bathroom. I love my bathroom so much. Eh? Yeah. And of course, I miss all the people in my hometown. Not all. I mean, my loved ones; mommy daddy and friends.
Talking about a bathroom, there is no bathroom like home's. Yep, I tweeted that. Because it's TRUE. Even the bathrooms in five stars hotels, not as good as home. Don't you think so too? I think so too (okay, this doesn't make sense). But, as what Tika Panggabean once tweeted--and I don't remember the exact tweet, but here is the main point--the most comfortable place to poo is at home. That is so TRUE. I said true in capital twice. Cos it's TRUE. And sorry for talking disgusting matter over here, but I can't help it. Okay, five stars hotels' bathrooms are close to home's, but still... The worst part of traveling is when you get dirty bathrooms. That is so ew. And I'm a clean freak, so you guys must know how I feel about dirt. Because I hate dirt. Remember when I blogged about I always wash my hands at least five times a day and I don't jump to my bed wearing clothes from outside of my house? Yes, I still do that.
I also wear slippers at home and I wipe spoons and forks in the restaurants as well. You may call me freak, and I won't be mad because yeah, I'm a clean freak. I just said that, remember?
Sooo, next on my post, I promise, won't be about cleanliness. Hopefully about an adequate outfit post. Nyiehehehehe >:P
Okay that was a bad laugh.