Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lost Angels

I can't complain more than I have on how inconvenient it is to travel in California, or Los Angeles to be exact. So I was asking to the hotel concierge on how to get to Downtown LA from Anaheim where we stayed, are there any public transport whatsoever, and he just said the best way is to drive by car. And we didn't have any car. So we booked a car provided from the hotel instead that was gonna drop us off in downtown and pick us up again later in the evening). Wasn't actually pleased with the city itself, although the road is big and spacey compared to London (that provides waaay more convenient approaches to travel), I was expecting something a bit more wow from LA. It's just… dull and doesn't live up to its name. Okay. Maybe I'm being too harsh on this city and maybe it's because I haven't seen the whole LA or go to the more trendy places to hang out (but I did go to Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills, what more do you have to offer? Maybe the beach. I didn't go to Malibu, no, thanks to your favourable way to travel). But enough of the negativity, the angels could only take one criticism at a time.

Il Pastaio

Sprinkles's red velvet ice cream


The one good thing that happened as expected is the food. From lunch (Il Pastaio) to dessert (Sprinkles ice cream and cupcakes) to dinner (Crustacean), they were amazing. I'm wishing to go back to LA again for the food. And maybe for the palm trees. That decorated the city beautifully.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Disneyland Anaheim

To explain further about the touristy pictures that I had for my USA trip posts, it was because my dad took the pictures. And it was as awkward for me to pose in front of him as for him to take pictures of my tights. Oh bless him. I asked him to take pictures of the closeups of my outfit that day in Disneyland and just then did I realise it must've been hard for him. And confusing. He must've thought why his daughter is addicted to take pictures of her own socks and tights?

Although, I can see he sort of enjoyed it. He likes photography, it's just that he never master it. That's why he bought cameras and lenses and stuff. When my sister lost her DSLR, I was like, "ASDFFK;LKJIBFIH!!!! Nu-uh you're not gonna get a new one." And before we know it, our dad has gotten her a new one. He was basically very generous about buying cameras. He was the one who accompanied me buying mine as well. And now that I'm eyeing for a new digicam, I might ask him *evil grin*.

Top - Cotton Ink | Similar here
Skirt - H&M | Similar here or here
Tights - Forever 21 | Similar here
Bag - Cupcake | Similar here
Socks - Daiso | Similar here
Shoes - Antipodium for ASOS | Similar here
Sunglasses - Prada
Bracelet - Tealabel | Similar here

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Saturday, January 17, 2015


I have said it and I'll say it again. I love Hawaii. Too bad I didn't really go to the beach when I was there (and people be like, you went to Hawaii and didn't see the beaches!? What is wrong with you!?) But I promised myself, someday I'm gonna go back and give myself a week or two to enjoy the island because damn, look at those blue sky and water!

Iolani Palace

Pearl Harbour & USS Arizona Memorial

Nu'uanu Pali Lookout

Dress - COS | Similar here
Tank top - From Melbourne | Similar here
Shoes - Antipodium for ASOS | Similar here
Bag - Cupcake | Similar here
Sunglasses - Prada

On that day, we first went to Pearl Harbour and USS Arizona Memorial and learnt a bit of the history, which now I vaguely remember. I learnt about it in high school as well and I just knew the outline. It was cool, though. I'm very bias but the name U.S. Navy itself has its cool. Then, we went to Iolani Palace before having lunch and took (very touristy) pictures outside. After that, (okay I sound like I want to get this over with, but it's because I couldn't think of any better beautiful conjunction at 00:08) it was time for Nu'uanu Pali Lookout and the view was simply amazing. You can see the hills / mountains, the ocean, the city, the forests and the sky all at once. There wasn't much to do there, obviously, except looking at the mesmerising scene. Basically, if we usually see the planet Earth in sphere, it's like looking it in flat-3D perspective (I meant the blue and green building into one harmony). At the end of the day after we did all the touristy stuff, my family and I strolled in Kalakaua Avenue to do some shopping before heading to another city the next day. So stay tune on the blog to see the next destination (Disneyland Anaheim)!

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