Friday, 30 October 2009

Fashion Wave 2009

Ooh, I almost forgot that I attended a fashion show for my art class work. So here are some pics. Most of them were 'nahs' for me, but few of the designers' work took my heart (but not that deep). Anywayy...

I was wearing:
unknown brand black tube top, plaid tunic from Shanghai, jeans from Singapore, my cousin's necklace, Charles & Keith high heels, Christian Dior sling bag

I didn't get a lot of good quality pics here. The models were just too fast, and they were posing for the right-side-of-the-room audiences, so I was just getting their backs. Urgh. The picture above is one of my favs, the others are blurry. But um,...

This was a Hawaiian theme, I think...

This was one of the wedding gowns presented. The designer is so young...

Not much, eh? And the loading is looong. So I'll just skip it lah... Hohohoho...
Okay, have a nice night y'all. good sleep, good sleep...

Prime Steak and Citilites

For the past two weeks I've been attending two birthday parties. First was on 17th of October; which were Elza's and Aveline's, at Prime Steak. Here are three pics of the parties.

I was wearing:
floral cream-colored dress from Guangzhou, white flats from Singapore, black satin hairband from Guangzhou, and my mom's Prada bag

Second was Patricia's at Citilites, Java Paragon.

The second picture I was at the back, being a backstgage crew. Nah.
I was wearing:
plaid B/W dress I bought at Galaxy Mall (I didn't remember the name of the shop), red cardigan from Singapore, Swarovski cherry necklace, Charles & Keith high heels, Louis Vuitton bag, H&M hair clip

Anyway, the weather is very hotttt... I was sweating like crazy everyday. Phuh. Hmmm, that's all I guess.
Ciao :)

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Grey Vests or Sleeveless Cardigan

Okay. So now I will start a new ritual (maybe), posting about celebrities that I like with their fashion styles. So here is my first celebrity fashion review: Selena Gomez with her grey vests.
I recognized that she wore many types of grey vests (fyi, this is my own recognization from the pictures that I've collected).

A flowy sleeveless cardigan with details of the foldaways. I like this one. It feels like casual, but also chic at the same time. Effortlessly chic, right?

Another flowy sleevless cardigan, but this one is knitted. I like the headband because it is unique and also the shoes, of course. The color, the style, wooza...

It's more kind of a jeans vest. But this one is a grey jeans vest. I like the detail up there, the adjusting size or length of the vest.

Ooh. I like this one. It looks like jeans and also looks like cotton.

Now this one, is leather. Or the PVC legging material. Hahah. But this one is different from the other grey vests. Different materials, different style (look at the ties on the front).

The conclusion, I LOVE ALL OF THEM, especially when it looks so good on Selena Gomez. I didn't say this gonna be a new trend or whatever, but I think it won't hurt to have one grey vest, because me myself, is craving for it. I have one, though, but it mixes with the color black. Grey vest it the new black vest.
P.S.: If you want a black vest instead of grey, I suggest don't buy the regular style because right now the studded/sequined vest or the long one is in.
Ciao. :)

Source: I forget where I took those pictures because I took from different sites and didn't save the URL. :(

Friday, 4 September 2009

May Through August

unbranded dress, cardigan from Singapore, shawl from Taiwan, unbranded flats, Esprit bag, H&M hair clip

Elita top, unbranded cardigan, jeans from Singapore, Charles & Keith heels, LV bag, hairclip

Esprit t-shirt, H&M overall as a skirt, flats from Singapore, bag from Hongkong, Mickey Mouse necklace from Disneyland Tokyo (even though I'm-soon-to-be-16 this 18th of September, I still feel like wearing cute things like this, for example)

Zara t-shirt, unbranded shorts, sister's necklace, Stitch hairclip from Disney Sea Tokyo, unbranded bracelets and ring

unbranded dress + tights + flats, cardigan from Singapore, Esprit bag, Next necklace

Trying out an FCUK dress

Good night.

Waiting for the Holiday

All students must be dreaming about holiday.
Including me.
I just have two weeks left before the mid-semester hol and Idul Fitri but I still have a biology experiment to complete, an Indonesian essay based on the novel that we're reading ("Bumi Manusia" by Pramoedya Ananta Toer), an English excercise for paper one thing? idk, and also art class stuffs.
And because I haven't post any pictures lately, I will. Right now. Haha.

The Bali Trip. Sooo last June. ehehehe...

Quicksilver, Bali. With KJAM and our YLM (Year Level Manager) for three years since year 8, Mr. Angelus.

Kampung Daun, Bandung. Last July.

In Jakarta. I forgot what lounge it was.
I wore: Little Miss t-shirt from Singapore, H&M overall as a skirt, dress from Guangzhou, bag from Shanghai, and flats from Singapore

DP Camp, Blitar. Last July.

On the train that I'll never step my foot in ever again. It's the economy class and it's 5000 rupiah, for God's sake. I'm not acting like a spoiled or something, but come onnn. I've had my headache in and after we got out of the train.
Ironically, my friends said I was the one who slept very well through the journey. They cannot sleep, I slept 3/4 of the time. But still, I don't like it. Never. Ever.

Annual Camp (Year 11), Banyuwangi. Last August.

Annual Camp (Year 11), Banyuwangi. With KJAM.

Daven's Farewell, Waterfront. But he just came back because on the things that I heard, he didn't like living there (China, or to be precise, Guangzhou? Dunno). Hahah.

I wore:
Gap t-shirt, AIIZ blazer, H&M jeans, ankle boots from Guangzhou.
But in this pic I borrowed Kartika's heels from Guess. I just wanted to act goofy and this is what I've got. Such a party girl. Nah. Hahaha...

The pictures above were the things that I had done recently and I know the pictures are not much here, even though I have plenty in my folders. I'm just too lazy to upload more ;p
More on my fashion runway, next post. After this.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

10 Must Things That I Don't Have

1. Converse sneaker(s). I don't have any of em even though i want em so bad. idk why i didn't buy it straight away, though.

2. Black blazer. I'm 15, yeah. I know when I'll wear it, I'll look too old. But anyway, it's still a MUST in a fashion world.

3. Leather jacket. Oh yeah. I thought I didn't want one but right now, OMG I WANT IT!!!

4. White shirt. I've been wearing one of my sister's or my mom's. They have tons of it and i have none. how ironic. same comment with the 2nd one, though.

5. Big black bag. I have one, but not the formal one. The Esprit one I have. But it's not comfy to wear and the material isn't so good.

6. Jeans vest. I don't know where to find a good one. I've come to zara, to pull and bear, forever 21, the-one-that-is-not-too-expensive-stores but I didn't find the jeans vest that fits me. Not fits literally, fits my taste that is.

7. Wedges. I actually like to see people wear wedges, don't know how're they on me?

8. Gold chains. I'm getting one, or two. Very. Soon. And maybe it will be a real gold, not the imitation one. Pray for me!!

9. Summer flip-flop. You know, the one that's like Roxy or Billabong. I need them for camping and soon-to-go-Bali-trip!! hope I can find one pair there!

10. LWD. It's stands for Little White Dress. I have a white dress, but this one is too childish. Come on. I bought it in sixth grade with the label BUNNY on it. puh-leeze.

btw, the things that were mentioned were not based on numbers. e.g. the first thing must have is converse sneakers. no. i just randomly wrote them.

and btw again. it's very late now. i'm sleepy, yeah, but i cannot sleep. but well, i'm signing out so...
Ciao :p

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Army of God

Okay, so I went to KKR at Juanda Lama today and it was amazing!!! It is such a night where and when I feel grateful and so in peace. I am happy. Thanks, God.

5 Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again!

1. A Cinderella Story. Very romantic. Very inspiring. Very breathtaking. IDK why I just LOVES IT!!! I watched it gazillion times and haven't been bored because of it. In fact, I will watch it again in not more than a second, right now! :p
2. Wild Child. Beautiful girl, handsome guy. I couldn't ask more because I always love movies with pretty girls and breathtaking guys. Yes, yes, yes.
3. HIMYM. Two words: HILAR-IOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oops, it's one, isn't it? I couldn't stop laughing even when the movie is over. ROFL.
4. Getting There. I also watched this billion times. I love MK and Ash.
5. The Clique. My recent obsession. Love the clothes, but not the girls.

I know, I know. Some of em or all of em might be lame for all of you guys, but hey, I have a right to like something! Believe me, I love GG, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, HSM 123, Mean Girls, Aquamarine, and maybe 90210 if I would start buying the DVD now or soon, Desperate Housewives, and more of chick-flicks or teenage movies but I would be bored if I wantch them over and over again because a) some of them are series (HIMYM also series but you know right, it's HILAR-IOUS!!!! it's legen-wait for it-dary! what up?) and I cannot watch something that's so long like that without being bored and sleepy and b) the story lines are sometimes complicated so... IDK but I love em all!

Top 5 Female Star That I Lurve!

1. Selena Gomez. She's pretty, funny, and multi-talented (she acts, she dances, and she sings)! I HEART HERRRR XOOOOO MUCH!!!
2. Vanessa Hudgens. Very gorgeous, she starred in the only musical movies that I love!! She's dating Zac Efron, and she's also multi-talented.
3. Miley Cyrus. Same thing with Selena Gomez, except that I think she's less pretty, but she's still pretty in someway. Too bad they both are fighting over a brocolli (oops! sorry. just a-what'd you call that? hmmm). :p
4. Taylor Swift. She always looks so beautiful in her video clips. Her skin is always glowing. She's very talented on creating music (I listen to her songs like, everyday, every hour, every minute, and every second. Her songs in her album Fearless are all included in my 25 Most Played Songs in my iTunes). I just like her recently. And I think she's very down-to-earth.
5. Hilary Duff. I used to like her more than the four other celebrities. But hey, she takes a break, I may say, until her upcoming movie that will show her as a "mommy", maybe? Well, she's not as kind as before, I think. She started to be this wild with her new video clip Reachout and I hate her songs now. But hey, she's still my idol.

Other stars that is below top 5; Blake Lively (smart, pretty, tall, plays in GG), Leighton Meester (same thing with Blake, just different 'tude and maybe "different-pretty-type". Leighton is more classic while Blake is more... hmmm... can't explain), Emma Roberts (very pretty, her acting in Wild Child is very cool, and also very fashionable!), Amanda Bynes (funny, funny, funny!), The Olsen Twin (they are rich!!! And I like their clothing line Elizabeth and James even though I have none of their items). I think that's it.

5 Facts About Me In The Car

1. I get dizzy and headache when listens to the radio.
2. I should listen to the music that feels fine in my ear.
3. I get dizzy and headache also when I read in the car.
4. I like to sing the songs I listens to out loud (sorry for everyone who feels disturbed but I cannot stop my lips from moving! I don't want to stop, precisely).
5. I don't like being in the highway. It's plain and boring. So I sing. Again. And again. And again.

Monday, 27 April 2009

As Always

Oookkaayyy... I cannot fulfill one of my easiest goals which is; fill this blog everyday as I said before. I said I'll try. But still. It was because I hadn't store my pictures from my phone to my laptop. Sooo... You see...
By the wayyy... Today I'm going to reveal all (cieh, gaya).

white dress, stripy blue cardigan from Guangzhou, blue Dior sling bag, blue open-toe flat pumps, unbranded white hair band

I wore it when I go to church.
And here is what I wore to my friend's birthday party that I've mentioned recently...

patchwork dress from Guangzhou, unbranded gray cardigan, Giordano gray shorts, orange belt, Charles and Keith white high heels, Louis Vuitton silver handbag, unseen unbranded orang hair band :p

Okay. On Saturday morning, one year of mine went to Pacet together for our Community and Service activity which was; Planting 1000 Trees. We did fund-raising and all of that. Hard, but fun. First, we rode a "broken" school bus to the place. It was very hot, the air conditioner was "ugh-y". I planted about 4 trees, though, even though each one of us should plant about 10 trees because you know the title; Planting 1000 Trees and there were 90 of us plus 10 the teachers. So, yeah. But it was really hard to dig the ground! Whatever. A lot of people went down to plant more trees, but because I don't really like this kind of thing and especially tracking, and it was slippery if I'm not mistaken, so yeah, I didn't want to go down, and wait with some other friends. Yeah, fun, alright, but I don't like outdoor activity. After that, we went to eat and we should "climb" the mountain, or hill, like we were tracking on camping. I. Hate. That. When we finally arrived to the local house, me and my friends ate. Not like crazy, though, but the food there was delicious. And the tea, I. Love. It. It was tea, but with syrup flavor. OMG.
We went home after one more activity that I didn't join, and my class rode the good bus. On the way, the engine of the "broken" bus that we rode earlier stopped. So the other two classes that rode good buses, should turn around and picked them up. Yeah, whatever. We still need to go to our friends' birthday party afterward in Drago, Mex Building. I took a bath like craaa-zyy... Need to wash my hair, and body, and my dirty feet after planting trees... And need to put my make-up on, my clothes, etc.
And look at me; :p

unbranded black dress, white knitted vest, Perlinis necklace, Cherrychan black pumps, Chanel black sling bag

That was me and one of my best friends, JJ.
So by the way, I just have 13 posts including this, while on my new blog (which is one of work I should do on my IT lesson) about poverty (and only that, how boring... :p) I have about 16 posts? And I didn't fill it everyday. Just twice a week because that's when I get my IT lesson. So in a lesson, I could post for more than 2 posts. Check it out here;
Anyhoo, I'll be posting soon enough. If I have something to post. Hehehe...


Friday, 17 April 2009

Fashion Wishlists

Top 25 Wishlists:
1. Grey vest
2. B/W long sleeve cardigan
3. Big black bag
4. Orange cardigan
5. Plaid brown shorts
6. B/W shawl
7. Grey long sleeve dress
8. Burberry scarf
9. Gold chains
10. B/W (or navy blue-white, or red-white)stripes t-shirt
11. Brown ballerina flats
12. Floral dress
13. Elegant black tank top
14. Black Converse
15. White Converse
16. Red Converse
17. Jeans vest
18. Green long sleeve t-shirt
19. Black cropped jacket/ coat
20. Black sling bag
21. White hand bag
22. White vest
23. Red scarf
24. Red-framed sunglass
25. Red waist belt

This lists are not rate based on what I really wanted, though. They are random.
And seriously, I never had a Converse before. You know, the classic one. Just one. And I don't really like the color. It's green-army. Not the type that I like. I like bright colors. And lately, I found out that red is very interesting. And FYI, I don't have red t-shirts at all cause I don't really like red, especially on t-shirt. Hahaha... Well, just telling... Stuff...

:) Good night, ciao...

months and months and finally...

it was a long time a go (not that long actually, just exaggerating hehehe)... since my last post.
idk what to say seh soale... huahahaha...
like now yea, idk idk idk...
but, from now on, i think, i'll try to post as often as i can...
mestinya sih aku maen internet tapiii males mengunjungi blog... facebook aja kalo udah bener-bener nothing to do.
biasanya sih blogwalking, atau maen spider solitaire atauuu nulis cerita atauuu obsesi terhambatku yaitu; tengtereeeengggg digital scrapbooking yang baru akhir-akhir ini aku kembangkan lagi huehehehehehe... doain diehhh...
betewe, here's my first digital scrapbooking that i've done on my new laptop... ciehhh...

but actually, i've done some digital scrapbooking BUT on my friend's laptop and here's my very first digital scrapbooking

i have a busy schedule tomorrow and so much to plan for summer holiday (cieh, di indo gitu, ga ada lah yang namae summer holiday... adanya kemarau holiday.. wkkwwk...
btw, since i've been inspired by some bloggers (especially fashion bloggers), i decided to post pictures of my weekly fashion style :)
i actually have an account on and published some pictures already :p
the people who have their account there also very inspiring!!! and i mean, VERY!!! their fashion style is FABOO. TOTALLY. not like some, erm, *piiip*. but anyway, it's just what i think, though, because fashion cannot be rated bad or good (except if it is REALLY bad and everybody said so) because fashion is art, man... (wasss gaya nehhh)... so here it is:

Stella McCartney dress, unbranded blue "pearl" necklace, unbranded grey hairband, unbranded quilted grey shoulder bag

Marni dress, unbranded grey cardigan
I can say that my style is simple, and not following the trend, though, but I'm totally happy with my style AND my clothes. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE it!!!