Saturday, 29 June 2013

Awesomely Awesome

I want to be poetic by saying the sky was as blue as the... but usually we compared anything blue with the sky or the ocean so I can't really say the ocean was as blue as the ocean, can I? But it was very blue though. You can witness it yourself through the photos which I didn't even edit, or what the Instagrammers now say; #nofilter. I fell in love with Scotland's scenery. It was breathtaking and absolutely picturesque. I can't stop thinking how wonderful it was and I got to enjoy it for about a week for the Spring break last time. God is awesome.

Shirt - Bershka
Outerwear - AIIZ
Jeans - Zara
Scarf - Pull & Bear
Beanie - ASOS
Boots - Doc Marts
Bag - Givenchy Pandora

Photographed by Paulina Koshan

I've been trying to find the perfect leopard printed scarf and just found one (I mean in winter) in Pull & Bear. You know how some leopard print are like too small or too spacey, or the colour ain't right? This is, the perfect one. And it wasn't pricey at all, got it for only 10 quid.

I dressed up comfy for Scotland, thinking there might be some rain and I needed rubber boots (hence the Doc Marts in all the pics), comfiest jeans, dark colours, et cetera et cetera. But it turned out the weather was super duper lovely for the whole 9 days we were there. It was sunny and breezy. The road was long and straight. The sun set at around 7 pm. The view was magical. The company was fantastic. Only the food was quite blah, but that was the least of the problem. One of the most memorable trips ever.


Monday, 24 June 2013

A Fashionista's Afternoon Tea

England is very famous with its high tea tradition, we can have an afternoon tea at noon or past almost in all British restaurants. The Berkeley Hotel serves an afternoon tea with a twist; cakes, mousse, all the sweet delicacies inspired by fashion's high end brands collection, based on seasons. So as promised, the photos from afternoon tea last May. And not just a usual English afternoon tea, it's a fashionista's one.

Prada Geisha like white chocolate and Grand Marnier oversized coat embellished with red poppies
Alexander McQueen whimsical yellow honeycomb cream oversized dress topped with marsipan bee
Jason Wu coconut "Carolyn" hatbox shape cake bag sandwiched in retro leopard print chocolate
Balenciaga modern monochrome dark and white chocolate mousse dress set on a pecan nut brownie topped with flamenco ruffles

Oscar de la Renta playful high waisted peach-pink bavarois shorts embellished with strawberry compote rosettes
Manolo Blahnik's slingback chocolate biscuit heel with baby blue icing topped with timeless pearl
Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian chic pistachio green and vanilla striped pannacotta dress topped with chocolate ring

And we even got a 'goodie bag' when we went home!

The cakes, pannacotta, mousse, were delish and the Posh Pomelo & Melon tea was just absolutely amazing.  I made most of my 2 hours there (the time slot that was usually given per table) unlike my first visit which was rushed because I needed to go to the airport right after. This high tea venture was definitely recommended, especially if you call yourself a fashionista ;)


Thursday, 20 June 2013

May Gloom

Even in June it was still quite cold. But not anymore though. Londoners can finally wear one-layer clothing! The sun has been generous with its light lately and the good thing is it's not hot HOT but it's a decent summer. I hate when it gets too hot.

Tights - H&M
Jackets - Portmans and Forever 21
Shoes - Chicnova
Bag - Issey Miyake

Photographed by Paulina Koshan

These pictures were taken in late May and as you see it was pretty gloomy. And even my outfit's colour palette just shouted 'duh'. The neon bags were only freebies from an afternoon tea session in The Berkeley Hotel. They had one of the coolest afternoon tea sets, pictures coming soon. And these photos were the second last set of photos by my amazing friend-turned-into-an-instant-photographer because she went home for good :c

Anyway, I love this dress from Oline Workrobe. In fact, I love the whole garments they're making I want to collect them all. They're one of my favorites Indonesian local designer, ever. The cut, silhouette, uniqueness, and how they use cotton (I love cotton!) for most of their designs just results in happy faces like mine.

Until next post,

Monday, 3 June 2013

Inspiration Sunday

Feeling guilty for abandoning my blog for about a week. Cliche reason. Uni has taken most of my time and energy, and the remainder I give to my social life and sleep. Here are some pictures that I compiled. I'm currently into something patterned and a bit elaborate. Hopefully these photos that I took from random sources would brighten up your inspired mind as well :)


Images from Jak & Jil, The Coveteur, Lookbook, Axioo, Tumblr, etc