Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Color Block in November 2011

I'm sorry I've been neglecting this blog for a couple of weeks. I've been dealing with some sort of problems, like going back to my hometown (last minute shopping and packing...not really, but sort of), and the very sad moment of the year, my family and I lost my grandpa 2 days after I arrived. But I know he's in a better place now...

And not bringing my laptop back is not helping at all (I'm just too lazy to carry around heavy stuff in the airport) so I need to borrow my younger brother's laptop if he's not using it, which is like 0.0000000000000000001% chance happening. He's always in front of his laptop. I don't know that online game is still trending jsdbywugehfbkfnsikhcu (that was me being irritated).

However, now that I'm back on my saddle (even though I don't have any horse), I'll present to you (drum rolls) the color block in November 2011! --> This outfit post was taken in November. 2011 that is.

cotton ink black polaris as top, monica and penelope cruz for mango cardigan, zara trf skirt, new look tights and flats, issey miyake bag

This is the Issey Miyake Bao Bao Bag I was talking about kjsbdxusgebfnejfbsdv I'm still totally eternally crazy in love about it. How could you fall in love, and do it all over again, with the same thing?

accessorize bracelet and primark yellow bangle, evita perroni 2 in 1 necklace

Nevertheless, I'm enjoying my holiday right now. I never thought I could miss Surabaya THAT much. The decision to go home was very sudden. I didn't plan to, but then I changed my mind. I miss my family, friends, and the food. Three Fs that keep you alive.

I've made a list on what food I'd like to eat here (Bon Ami, Bu Kris, nasi goreng jawa, La Rucola, etc etc etc).
I've made a list on what things I'd like to buy (loads and loads of instant cooking materials, sauces, fabrics and threads, etc etc etc).
I've made a list on what things I'd like to do (relaxing and doesn't have to deal with home chores i.e. cleaning up my own room and cook!, beautify myself in the salon, massage (heaven!), etc etc etc).
And finally, to spend time with my family during Christmas and New Year's Eve, the most wonderful times of year! And of course, New Year, but you know, it's not the same year... if you get what I mean.

So, what are your plans for the holiday? And what are YOU planning to wear on Christmas and New Year, the most wonderful times of the year (see? I'm repeating it)???

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Color Block in 2010

As what the title said, these outfit photos were taken in September 2010. Yep, and smarty-pants me, just uploaded it now, when the color block trend is ovah. Or not... Just wait till Spring 2012 and you'll get more colors again. It's just the cycle, you know. Spring/Summer is more cheerful, colorful and Autumn/Winter is more subtle, cooler (duh?), but I like both color tones. But this time...

zara trf tank top, cotton on blue dress, charles & keith heels

cousin's necklaces (how cute right!), accessorize blue bracelet, forever 21 bangle, and a forever 21 ring my friend had given me

Photographed by Recordance

Ciao :)

Monday, 5 December 2011

Be Proud

I'm gonna start this post by saying none of the content I will talk about is purposed to offend you because this is just my thought. It may sounds sarcastic (cause maybe there's some sarcasm in it) but really, it's just my thought. You may disagree.

I've been hearing girls want to be skinnier. In fact, loads of time. More than loads. I know what it's like not to be skinny, because I'm not. But the problem is, the girls who say they want to be skinny, or thinner, or "#decemberwish successful diet" or "#foreverwish become thinner" are already normal in the BMI stage (sorry for talking biologically). I don't even know how to respond to this (I don't have to), but it's like a flame that's boiling me inside. I mean, those girls are 45kg and want to be "skinnier"? If they're calling themselves "fat", then how about people above 50kg? Obese? No. It's all wrong in all kinds of way.

I, personally, would like myself to be more ideal in weight. But, my BMI is normal, so I don't sweat too much. I still eat what I want whenever I want it. I don't hold myself back just to impress someone I don't know. I eat unhealthy food sometimes and I don't eat salad for my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I eat meat. I exercise.... sorta. I skipped meals once in a while (very rarely) and not because I want to starve myself to death to reach a 50kg, but because sometimes I need those time to work on my homework or projects (I know it's not good so I try to change this habit because I don't want my parents worrying about whether I have eaten lunch or dinner already). And sometimes I joke I want to divide my excess body weight to skinny people who needs it, but almost all the time, I'm proud to be who I am. Even though I don't have that Victoria's Secret model's bod. But I have something better to offer to other people other than the way I look.

I appreciate celebrities like the Kardashians sisters or Demi Lovato who's proud to be themselves and go to the gym regularly just to stay healthy, not to burn their whole calories. They are the true role models. Who says if they're skinnier they would be more beautiful? You think Kim Kardashian will look that hot if she's 38kg?

I'm glad now the media is starting to show more curvy people on ads or tv shows and not skulls or bones only. People need to get more real. You see those models on the cover of magazines? Photoshop. You think they don't have cellulite? They do (I don't know hahaha, but probably most of them do).

So why do you need to be skinny? To get sick easily? To make other people impressed when most of the time they will think about themselves rather than put the attention on you? Maybe some of you readers right now would think, "she's just posting this because she's insecure". Well, guess what? I am. But I don't let my insecurities get the best of me. I'd rather embrace the good parts of me than focus on the bad ones. Why don't you do that too? Or spread the words to other girls that you know who's already thin enough but wants to be thinner and this sentence is mixed up and grammatically error.


P.S. Be proud of who you are, even though you don't feel you're the most perfect person alive. I mean, let's face it, who's perfect? What you feel inside about yourselves, transfer to the outside. If you, yourself don't feel that you're beautiful, then when people look at you, they would see nothing. But if you have confidence, they will respect you, or even adore you.

P.P.S. Lame joke; Nobody's perfect. I'm nobody. Therefore I'm perfect.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Issey Miyake Bao Bao

Have you heard of Issey Miyake? You should have. I was familiar with the designer's name, but never stumbled upon the stores (surprise surprise, there's only an LV store in Surabaya...but I'm sure loads will follow).

Issey Miyake, according to my cousin, is popular through this perfume; 

I don't know if it's true or not but the bottle seems iconic, no?

And well, I think Issey Miyake has more signature styles, such as the Bao Bao bag!

At first I saw a person wearing it in white, and it directly caught my eye. I fell in love with it at the first sight. I was like, where did she get it? What brand is it from? I thought she bought it like in Camden market or something (silly me, if I tell her what I thought she must be pissed cause I didn't know how much it costs, but now I do don't worry). And then, there was the second time when I saw another lady wore this (also in white) when I was in the toilet in Selfridges (see how I remembered every single detail from not knowing till like, owning this bag?). I was still thinking, where did they get THIS ah-mazing bag? Especially at that time I was studying about textures and I made some sort of similar texture for one of my assignments and these just reminded me of Louvre.

Days passed, years gone by (I'm exaggerating).... and THEN... the final moment... *drum rolls* my cousin and I, after shopping, strolled down Bond St, on our way home and suddenly she was like, "Oh that bag is cute!" as she walked and I turned, I looked at a similar bag in yellow, not rectangular, but sort of sphere. I thought, "OH MY GOD! That was the bag I was searching for! Even better!" And I told my cousin everything. Then I saw the shop's name; Pleats Please by Issey Miyake. "Oh! Issey Miyake! A Japanese. No wonder." But the store was closed so I couldn't come in and like investigating the details, what was it made from, how does it look like when I hold it in my hand whatsoever, so I planned to come back the next day.

The next day, my cousin whatsapp'ed me when I was in class, she told me all the details. It's very light, not made by leather so when it's raining you don't need to cover up anything, no zipper, and blablabla. I was like, "I'm coming straight to the store right when my class finished" and I did. I was very interested in the sphere one rather than the rectangular one because it's more unique (I'll show the pictures laterrr when I post my outfit post) but sadly there were only three colors; black, blue, and yellow. I like the blue one, but I just bought a blue bag and ironically I don't have a black bag with me, so I bought the black one instead because the yellow doesn't really pop (there was some mixes of gold in it, so it was yellow-gold-ish). The rectangular, however, have loads of colors to choose from; purple, green, shocking pink, silver, gold, orange, and I love every single of them but I love the sphere one more so I was very happy when I got my ownership upon one of those bags! I was about to wait till next year when they probably produce more colors, but I to let go and who knows, I mean the store attendant said that this was the first time they produced the bags again after three years of absence because one of the customers asked for it (maybe a VERY important customer).... Maybe there will be more colors next year--especially for S/S--or maybe none at all. I'm not taking any risk, so I bought it. My friends and tutors loved it. My sister loves it. I love it. The end. Now it's mine. Go envy me.


Image courtesy of

Monday, 28 November 2011

Sweet Surrender

I am extremely happy because I handed my portfolio in already today in the morning. So that means now I have loads of time for shopping! And believe me, London is the best place to shop. Okay, maybe people in in New York or in LA or in Paris or in Milan or in Tokyo or in Singapore wouldn't agree. BUT, it is one of the best places anyway, do not disagree! Hahahaha... And it's really fun when your friends are as excited about shopping as you are :D We're planning on shopping trips! Hurray!!!

I still got 2 short essays to be submitted but they are not graded and I've finished one of em so I might do the other one tomorrow (and some of you might be thinking right now why the heck she's telling us this).

So, pictures!

forever new romper, picnic flats, h&m gold bangle, necklace borrowed from my cousin, accessorize 'love' ring

My sister bought me this romper but unfortunately it's two size bigger than my size that's why the back was like that wobbly.

Photographed by Recordance

This set of photos were from my pre-sweet seventeen pictures. I really like the candid pictures like the last one or the sixth one. Oh, I miss my sweet seventeen :( I plan to post some pictures of my sweet seventeen on the 3rd of December (the date when I celebrated it last year) this year, just to make it more... I don't know, like,... anniversary? Blach, me and my silly thought. But the pictures aren't with me right now sooo...yeah... Probably not on 3rd of December (s.a.d).

Anyhow, SHOP! It's nearly Christmas and you deserve to give yourself happiness (or maybe you already did)!


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I Fell For You

Yes, I did. Probably. I didn't want to, but I did. It started out by misunderstanding, really. I mistook everything in the first place. I knew it isn't what you meant, but well, I was the one to blame. And then, things started getting pretty awkward. And I've done ridiculous stuff like shouting your name all of a sudden in the middle of a crowd, even though I didn't mean to. I was surprised myself. Fortunately no one noticed, or did they? I don't know.

For a whole year, I was in denial. I was like, no no no no no no no no, I did not fall for you. No, I didn't. It was more like a crush, cause you know, love is a strong word. But then, somebody tweeted something like if you have been crushing for more than four months, then it was love. I was still like, no way. I still believed it was just a crush. But then I thought about it, then this sort of sense was just creeping in and I changed my perspective. I didn't do much after that, like there wasn't a big dramatic change in the relationship whatsoever. But maybe, I was falling in love. I don't know (bear with the words, it's like everybody's favorite sentence!). I haven't figure it out until now because I don't know what love is, really. Love is vague. Who can describe love? I love God, I love my family, but like, for you? I mean, that is... :/ I'm not sure about that.

However, times have passed. I'm finally letting go. Letting go of something I've never had. Maybe the change of place, or maybe because a year has gone by, but I don't think of you that way anymore. I don't hope for something out of you anymore. I'm not waiting again.

So you just go your own way, I will go my way. And maybe someday, we can continue being friends, not like an awkward kinda friend, but friend, in a friendly way with a friendly conversation :)

zara tank top, tailored suede skirt, aiiz cardigan, new look boots, primark sling bag

Photographed by Paulina Koshan


P.S. It was a beautiful Sunday in autumn. Now is winter. Still pretty, but cold.