Monday, 28 November 2011

Sweet Surrender

I am extremely happy because I handed my portfolio in already today in the morning. So that means now I have loads of time for shopping! And believe me, London is the best place to shop. Okay, maybe people in in New York or in LA or in Paris or in Milan or in Tokyo or in Singapore wouldn't agree. BUT, it is one of the best places anyway, do not disagree! Hahahaha... And it's really fun when your friends are as excited about shopping as you are :D We're planning on shopping trips! Hurray!!!

I still got 2 short essays to be submitted but they are not graded and I've finished one of em so I might do the other one tomorrow (and some of you might be thinking right now why the heck she's telling us this).

So, pictures!

forever new romper, picnic flats, h&m gold bangle, necklace borrowed from my cousin, accessorize 'love' ring

My sister bought me this romper but unfortunately it's two size bigger than my size that's why the back was like that wobbly.

Photographed by Recordance

This set of photos were from my pre-sweet seventeen pictures. I really like the candid pictures like the last one or the sixth one. Oh, I miss my sweet seventeen :( I plan to post some pictures of my sweet seventeen on the 3rd of December (the date when I celebrated it last year) this year, just to make it more... I don't know, like,... anniversary? Blach, me and my silly thought. But the pictures aren't with me right now sooo...yeah... Probably not on 3rd of December (s.a.d).

Anyhow, SHOP! It's nearly Christmas and you deserve to give yourself happiness (or maybe you already did)!



yiqin; said...

you are so pretty :D

Petite-size Style said...

You have cute style - I like your makeup and hairstyle =)

Style Servings said...

BEautiful classy look. Lvoe the pop of colour via the shoes!

KANI said...

thanks for visiting my blog! <3

jiglycious said...


following you dear,
hope we can follow each other :)