Monday, 2 July 2012

Home Is Where The Heart Is

I'm sorry for not updating my blog for the past week. I have no good reasons except for the fact that I needed to store all my stuff in a storage, buy everything before I went home, had a pleasant flight from Heathrow to Changi to Juanda, and finally, arrived at home. I caught up with family and friends and had quite a lot of fun for the past couple of days because I'm finally at home already!!! :D

The down side is that the internet is running s..ll...oooo...www, especially when my siblings and I need to share the wifi. And my younger brother is an online gamer. You'd know the drill if you have an online gamer within your family. They (he) dictated the internet usage!

Churros!!! Fave snack, no?

Long sleeve t-shirt + boots - Zara
Lace blouse + bangle - Primark
Skirt - MDS
Jacket - AIIZ

Photographed by Paulina Koshan and Josephine Kerin

This is a photo shoot I did with my friend in Spring Break. I guess I owe you guys a long photo roll since I haven't really update the blog. Among my group of friends which contained 4 people, 2 of us liked to be shot and 2 were behind the lens. A great team work and a fun day indeed! :D
I planned to write more than this but then my sister came into the room and my brain stuck suddenly. Talk about writer's block. I guess see you soon!



Stella said...

This murales is amzing!

AccidentallyBlogger said...

the photos are amazing dear :)

Claireta Teressa said...


Satin and Souffles said...

Beautiful photos! I Love your style!! xx


clara thomas said...

lovely photos! love your outfit :)

Shinly Fransisca said...

lovely skirt. and both of you are cool <3

Julääh said...

aaw these photos looks so funny :D
i really liked browsing the post
and i love both kind of skirt , but especially your one x3
xoxo ;*

Gabriella Olivia said...

great photos! lovely outfits!

-Stephanie said...

I love this outfit! The pop of yellopw against the black and grey is so pretty! These photos are so cute!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

gosh, don't you two look lovely!


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Ester Durães said...

I love both your tops, you girls look incredible! :)

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Akiko said...

Such fun pictures and great locations! You look so pretty as always! xo akiko
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Silvia said...

Amazing pics!! Love both of your outfits!!!