Thursday, 18 August 2011

The First


Photographed by Recordance 

Nothing special. Just want to share my pre-sweet seventeenth birthday photos. This is the first outfit that I wore for the photoshoot of the day. Thought I'm gonna do it in parts cos I actually have loads.

I really should learn this blogging stuff. I should figure things out before my page looked so dull. And the pictures should've been bigger. Ironic. Cause I took an IT subject in high school. Even though it wasn't the usual IT lesson where you study Photoshop or Corel Draw (I did, though, in grade 7), so maybe that's why I'm still no good at this kind of... techie stuff.


Sunday, 7 August 2011

A (Not So) Sudden Wishlist

Here, I would like to share with you what I want to buy now. One problem, couldn't find these in my hometown.


Both by Topshop. I've been wanting capes since January. No, I've been wanting it since I watched Blair Waldorf wore the beautiful green tea colored cape in the 3rd season of Gossip Girl. Cape has started to trend, and it's so hard to be a trendsetter if you live in a hometown which doesn't have many options to shop. In Surabaya, we only have Zara to count on. Zara is the only shop that's keeping up with the runway in a good and fashionable way. The other ones, well,...
And anyway, I couldn't wear it here, though, so I think maybe I could get it overseas and wear it overseas when the weather's getting cold. I did get one on my last visit to Australia. I love it, haven't wear it, will wear it as soon as I get the chance to.


I found one in Valleygirl. It has the letter A, to start with, which is the initial of my name. But there's more writing on the bottom, which made me bail on it. And my sister didn't like it, so I thought, maybe I might find a new one in another store (with the letter A). But oopsie doopsie, nope. I didn't find any, except from (all above). I'm not planning to buy it online, though. Let's just hope I'm going to Jakarta soon so I could buy one. It's starting to trend, you know. And I've always liked it, when I watched the American movies, where the jocks wore one after a football game, and they lend it to their cheerleader girlfriends. It makes a good fashion.


All from Forever 21 except the last one is from Miu Miu. I'm going crazy with a preppy style right now. I'm head over heels with oxford shoes. (How weird would it be if I'm head over heels with heels? #joking) I have one, but I need to get another one so I don't abuse the one that I have by wearing it over and over again. I need it to have a friend. I want the patent black and white (no picture) but I think it's out to date now (don't care, still want it), but if anybody is willing to give me any of these, I'd be thankful :D Oxford shoes just go with everything (well, except party dresses that is).


The first one is from Chanel and the second one is Miu Miu's. You know, I never thought I needed a pair of black flats that much. Knowing me, a "flats" person, and not a "heels" one, I should probably splurge on it because I will be wearing it so often I could lose my count. My Steve Madden flats are now, well, you can call it ugly because I'm overusing it. The Miu Miu came in gold as well.

Ain't this a beau? Gold flats is on my to-buy-list as well and never find one that's perfect. This one is perfect. The color doesn't look cheap. You know, here is a thing, you'd rarely find an expensive-looking-gold-shoes if it's not expensive. True story.


Just... lovely. The color, the model, the oxford-looking-shoes. The old-school-but-also-modern vibe. Miu Miu, Y U so clever? Only one question, which one is better between these two?


This one is... Miu Miu. Again. Don't blame me. The label is very teenage-friendly-looking. Whatever that means. It's Prada in a younger version. Actually, I don't prefer what brand for my black-tote-searching-mission specifically, but I want it to look like this. A bit slouchy-looking-model. Because all the black bags I own (together with my sister), stays with her. She says she needs black bags more than me. I agreed. I was wrong. I need it too. Black bag is a staple need. It goes with everything (again, this sentence).
A story, my sister doesn't favor colors. She prefers neutrals. I don't blame her, her friends all dressed in neutrals, she said. When I pointed a colored outfit, she kinda freaked out. Okay I exaggerated a little bit. But she won't buy anything except black, white, grey, navy blue, and beige. She says it's easier to match. She's right, but, heylow? Don't you see Spring 2011 runway? All clash of colors. No color rules in fashion now. Well except, red and pale pink. That's just the worst color combination EVER. For me.


White flats from Forever 21 (why does this brand always have what I want??!). The sandal is from Chanel. Isn't she a gorge? Love the chain. Love the chain. Love the chain.

This one is Bally. Ever since Bally changed their creative director, I never looked at it the same way again. I like their shoe collections, their bag collections, and in this case, maybe even the clothing collections. If I'd ever have a leather trench coat, it would be like this. Not fully covered with leather, I want other fabric combination too. This is just amazing.

Okay, so I've shared some of the things that I want. What's your favorite among all the pictures and what's on YOUR wishlist? ;)

Friday, 5 August 2011

Sweet Surrender

unbranded long sleeve tee, h&m overalls, prada bag, dad's socks, zara heels 

forever 21 ring 

with my friend Ellen
all photographed by my friend Aida

I remember I didn't know the socks were my dad's. I thought the motive was cute and I like it and nobody claimed it was anybody's, so I thought, why not wear it? Especially when the heels hurt like hell. I'm not a big fan of heels cos I prefer comfort, for now. I mean, I can't stand heels more than a few hours. I embarrassed myself, now that I recall, when I wore my Louboutin, I let myself fall cause I just could not stand the pain. Then second time wearing it, I took it off and put it in my friend's car, and roaming around at the end of a party without wearing any shoes. Silly, huh?

Then it got me thinking, why people would like to buy heels, even how gorgeous they are, but hurt so much? Why sacrifice your feet? Legs? Toes? *it's for beauty, i knoooww, and beauty needs pain--it's rhetorical question* I mean, next time I'm buying branded heels, I'm gonna make sure it won't hurt my feet. So, any recommendation of what brands? I heard that Jimmy Choo and Miu Miu are great.