Friday, 30 October 2009

Fashion Wave 2009

Ooh, I almost forgot that I attended a fashion show for my art class work. So here are some pics. Most of them were 'nahs' for me, but few of the designers' work took my heart (but not that deep). Anywayy...

I was wearing:
unknown brand black tube top, plaid tunic from Shanghai, jeans from Singapore, my cousin's necklace, Charles & Keith high heels, Christian Dior sling bag

I didn't get a lot of good quality pics here. The models were just too fast, and they were posing for the right-side-of-the-room audiences, so I was just getting their backs. Urgh. The picture above is one of my favs, the others are blurry. But um,...

This was a Hawaiian theme, I think...

This was one of the wedding gowns presented. The designer is so young...

Not much, eh? And the loading is looong. So I'll just skip it lah... Hohohoho...
Okay, have a nice night y'all. good sleep, good sleep...

Prime Steak and Citilites

For the past two weeks I've been attending two birthday parties. First was on 17th of October; which were Elza's and Aveline's, at Prime Steak. Here are three pics of the parties.

I was wearing:
floral cream-colored dress from Guangzhou, white flats from Singapore, black satin hairband from Guangzhou, and my mom's Prada bag

Second was Patricia's at Citilites, Java Paragon.

The second picture I was at the back, being a backstgage crew. Nah.
I was wearing:
plaid B/W dress I bought at Galaxy Mall (I didn't remember the name of the shop), red cardigan from Singapore, Swarovski cherry necklace, Charles & Keith high heels, Louis Vuitton bag, H&M hair clip

Anyway, the weather is very hotttt... I was sweating like crazy everyday. Phuh. Hmmm, that's all I guess.
Ciao :)