Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Brrrrunch

Okay, apart from the fact that the weather is getting colder...and colder...and colder... and the wind is getting stronger...and stronger...and stronger... I really have nothing to say in this post. Excepttt I'm not complaining this time about how bad the weather is BECAUSE I have prepared myself--yep, you heard me right--I brought my beautiful bubble jacket from home and I've bough a cute pair of rain/rubber boots that smells really nice! They are both also going to be featured soon here, on the blog hehehe :)

Sweater - Cotton Ink
Leggings - Lovelysally
Boots - Zara
Beanie - H&M
Necklace - COS

Photographed by Fitria Tjandra

I swear, this sweater is the most perfect oversized sweater I've ever owned! I wore it six days straight (talk about hygiene) but I can't help it! It matched EVERYTHING I wore. I wore it with a dress, with a pair of leggings, with shorts (see the previous post), with skirt, EVERYTHING. I wanted to get the off white one as well but I can't find it on the webstore :(

The leggings, well, they were a giveaway from Flattery in collaboration with Lovelysally itself. If you haven't heard of this brand, which I bet you already have, it's an Italian brand which produces leggings, bikinis, underwears, and accessories. They have a gorgeous range of collections so head to their webstore now! I gotta say, though, this Silent Smoke leggings are my favorite among them all. I was so lucky to get my hands on these which, by the way, has a great quality (made in Italy, anyone?). I'm thinking about buying new stuff from them... hmmm... maybe this skirt?

Also, not forget to mention my new photographer (hahaha, she'd probably hit me if she hear this), Fitria Tjandra. I love these shots that she took when we had our brunch together with other friends. She has amazing talents I tell ya. I'm looking forward for more pictures taken by her hehehe :)


P.S. Every time I said I have nothing to talk about it turns into 3-4 paragraphs long! Oh, shut up, me!


Andrea said...

Super cute leggings, you are so sweet!

Ellyzabeth Tanaya said...

Nice beanie and leggings! Love everything of your outfit! ;)

febrina utami putri said...

that legging is to die for! i love the way you wear it with an oversized sweater, looks so comfy but chic :) and yes, flipflops are the best!

Stephanie Lin said...

I love that sweater! It looks so cozy!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Omg you're just so cute! Loving the comfy sweater and beanie! I wish I can wear these pieces here in Jakarta! xx

Marla Singer said...

super rad leggings <3


fhenny said...

awesome photos! one of my fave look from you
i like the leggings much
style frontier

Audrey Allure said...

Cute sweater & shoes!

Silvia said...

Amazing leggins. You look amazing!

Gabriella Olivia said...

ultra cute legging! <33333

Gabriella Olivia

Novarinna Tan said...

Top and legging <3

Bernadeth G. said...

Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

Marlen said...

I love when you find pieces that are so perfect you never want to take them off. and over sized sweaters are the best- they're so cuddly! no one blames you for wearing it over and over ;) and yay for being prepared for weather haha! there's nothing worse than being caught in a freezing wind and nothing to block it. cute pictures!

mightymannie said...

Such cute outfit and I love your photos!
Followed you xx
I'd appreciate it if you can check out my blog and follow :)
~Mannie (

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Carmen Ri said...

You get cuter with each post! I'm so jealous of your Lovely Sally Leggings, they look so amazing!

Carmen Ri.