Sunday, 25 April 2010

The List Keeps Going On

Things I need (not want) to buy:

  1. Powder
  2. Make-up remover
  3. Nail polish remover
  4. Hair tonic

Yea i know. they are beauty products. for my daily need. well maybe not for makeup remover and the nail polish remover. but they are below the a-quarter limit now. hmmm... i should be going to salon soon.

And oh, i need a polkadot tights too, for my friend's sweet 17th party that i mentioned in the 2 previous post. to complete my whole look 8)

I'm thinking of buying OPI nail polish. color: orange, pink, red, and that mint green. BUT i'm not that often to use nail polish anymore. it breaks my nail. well, my nails are already breaking without nail polish helping them, thank you very much. but i LOVE the colors. they are all so cute :)


ps. pictures coming up on the next post. i promise. i want to go to sleep.

Friday, 23 April 2010


unbranded tank top, dress, cardigan, and necklace, dior handbag, charles&keith shoes, accessorize bracelet
i like the color pink and grey when they are together. sweet and girly.

look at how the back is shorter than the front part. idk if it's the model or the sewer was lacking of fabric.


My To-Buy List

I want shoes:

  1. Green high heels
  2. Gold pumps
  3. Black boots
  4. Turquoise flats
  5. Gold flats
  6. Yellow pumps
  7. Yellow flats
  8. Black wedges
  9. Blue wedges
  10. Red wedges
  11. Oxford shoes
  12. White gladiator sandals/heels

I want clothes:

  1. B/W stripes long cardigan
  2. Orange cardigan
  3. Red-white stripes t-shirt
  4. Blue-white stripes t-shirt
  5. Jeans vest
  6. Black cropped coat
  7. Red-white stripes tank top
  8. Leather jacket
  9. PVC legging
  10. Blue jacket
  11. Yellow coat
  12. Purple tank top
  13. Red tank top
  14. Grey jacket
  15. Jeans jacket-I'm thinking of that jeans jacket I saw in GAP. it was the most beautiful jeans jacket i've ever seen. it was a love at a first sight *sigh*
  16. White loose tank top
  17. Yellow long sleeve shirt
  18. Black jumpsuit
  19. Brown stripes cardigan
  20. Navy blue shorts
  21. Brown pants
  22. Orange dress
  23. Floral top
  24. B/W stripes dress
  25. Cream dress

I want accessories and the rest:

  1. Burberry scarf
  2. Red-framed sunglass
  3. Red belt
  4. Red Converse shoes
  5. White tights
  6. Navy blue tights
  7. Black beanie
  8. Grey beanie
  9. Yellow scarf
  10. Purple scarf
  11. Yellow belt
  12. Black up-to-knee-socks
  13. Krey shawl from Cotton Ink

Wow. Kinda a lot I want there. Sure thing I cannot get them all at once. I want some things in some particular brand. So yea, just wanna share this thing cos I like making lists :)


Sunday, 18 April 2010


i went out to look for a dress for my friend's sweet 17th birthday party.  my outfit:

polkadot dress from guangzhou, ODF jacket (got it in HK), unbranded shoes and necklaces, dior handbag, diy bracelets, f21 ring
my necklace is actually a key hanger or something like that but i used it as a necklace. just tied it with a string. btw, i like the colors on the pic above ;p

got myself three dresses. i only intended to buy one (the left one) for my friend's sweet 17th party and the dresscode would be red. but then tried out more clothes (as always) and my mom told me to take them. :)
finally i got a mustard-colored thing :D
all i need to add right now is a polkadot tights.

look at my clothes hanger. only in black, grey, and white colors. actually i need to wear more colors cos it's spring and summer soon and all. hahah..

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Old Polkadot Story

played with two pieces of clothing; a polkadot dress from Guangzhou. unfortunately, here it looks just white :( and a black long sleeve tee from Giordano, plus random accessories. just for fun.
i like the first picture of every combination (i.e. when my hand was pressing the capture button). i don't know it feels photographically good, even though the quality is not (obviously)!
but good news though. my sister got a dslr camera and i'm looking forward to use it soon!... when she'll come home in July... i can wait... i can wait... and hopefully she wouldn't bring it back there... or maybe she will... and maybe i'll get my own dslr :(( (i should be happy, shouldn't i?) cos it's NOT fair! she always get the first camera. hmm... maybe because i don't want to buy my own camera on the first place. i'm too stingy, ey? hahaha... well, i'm planning to buy one but don't know when huhuhuhu TT surely i will buy my own camera SOMEDAY.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Platinum Grill

oh look! the top matches my laptopper :)

giordano long sleeve t, unbranded shorts and tights, ankle boots from guangzhou, nina ricci sling bag, thin shawl from taiwan

aldo accessories rings, accessorize bracelets

last week my family and i went to a restaurant called platinum grill. the food is okay/ so-so. the service was greattt. and the place is also faboo. i know its too late cos it was last week and all but its lame excuse-i'm lazy to copy the pics to my laptop so it stayed in my cell. i think when i will get my own camera i'll also use this excuse to postpone my post. haha.