Thursday, 8 April 2010

Old Polkadot Story

played with two pieces of clothing; a polkadot dress from Guangzhou. unfortunately, here it looks just white :( and a black long sleeve tee from Giordano, plus random accessories. just for fun.
i like the first picture of every combination (i.e. when my hand was pressing the capture button). i don't know it feels photographically good, even though the quality is not (obviously)!
but good news though. my sister got a dslr camera and i'm looking forward to use it soon!... when she'll come home in July... i can wait... i can wait... and hopefully she wouldn't bring it back there... or maybe she will... and maybe i'll get my own dslr :(( (i should be happy, shouldn't i?) cos it's NOT fair! she always get the first camera. hmm... maybe because i don't want to buy my own camera on the first place. i'm too stingy, ey? hahaha... well, i'm planning to buy one but don't know when huhuhuhu TT surely i will buy my own camera SOMEDAY.

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