Monday, 21 March 2011

My Type of Color Blocks

So here is my outfit for a spring look, though we don't have four seasons here in Indonesia but actually it's like spring/summer-windy/sunny kind of weather all time long in this country. I like the colors.

apricot t-shirt, magnolia cardigan, longchamp bag, vertical club white pants, accessorize necklace, gifted forever 21 ring

I'm actually in the middle of studying. Or not. Okay, okay, I'm in the middle of blogwalking after studying. Blech. And I will study some more after this. The big final exam is coming in one month and a half and I should really start being a geek to be able to cover the whole materials for 6 subjects.
Anyhoo, my room is a total mess due to the books and art stuff I brought home. I  practically moved the contents of my locker from school to my bedroom. The heavy folders and the 300++ pages of textbooks. I'm quite messy for a girl, but ironically I'm a clean freak. Fact about me. Yeah. I always change my clothes (from uniform or any hangout outfits to "home outfit") before I jump to my bed, I clean the spoon and fork and bowl and plate with tissue in the restaurant (talking about environmentally friendly by wasting many tissues), and all sorts. That's really ironic cause I know, piled up stuff is very attractive for dust to stay on, but oh well...
Oh. And I'm planning to make some bow ties myself. I never see any shop selling for bow ties that I could buy. And I need to clean my laptop. And all this mess. GAH. A lot of cleaning and studying.

Friday, 18 March 2011

"That's Just Who I Am"

So I'm now wearing my shower cap while blogging. Also listening to Taylor Swift's Speak Now.

Now I'm off of my shower cap and listening to Jay Sean's Down.
Anywaaay, because it's Friday, I decided to wear batik. It was tailor made and I thought why not make batik a little fun than it already is? So I designed a romper. The occasion was Chinese New Year. It's red. And it's batik. Double nationalities, ey? I like batik so much because the pattern is beautiful. There are rarely same patterns out there and I really appreciate the makers of batik because they are so passionate and creative. I'm planning to make more and more. I have around three (or is it more I cannot remember) batik right now. It's this red, blue, and a purple one. Batik suits teenagers too, when we pick the right style. So, wear batik proudly, like I do :)

There I was, far right. 

So this time I paired it with Ebase vest, Gucci sling bag, and Charles & Keith oxford-look-alike heels.

And of course, the rings I introduced on the last post. See? They match everything.

I just had a dinner with two of my classmates in La Rucola, a well known Italian restaurant in Surabaya. I like going there because it serves good Italian food (okay, what else? I mean, what more reasons could I tell you I'm confused or is it that I'm sleepy I cannot focus?) But you should go there to try it yourselves, it's good, really.
And then continued our night by watching Burlesque. T'was okay. Christina looked pretty and sincerely nice when her bangs were still straight and that long blond curly hair, with her attitude and all. I actually never noticed Cam Gigandet's hotness before, but when I saw him in this movie, and saw his eyes... WHOA. I was like, who is this guy? Those eyes are booyoohteefool.
But seriously. I need to start studying for the final exam soon. So yeah. Gonna go get some sleep and wake up tomorrow...pretty. Hahah ;)

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Welcoming Spring 2011

But still couldn't let go of the pastels.

zara trf t-shirt, off-white cardigan from taiwan, gifted legging from my aunt, mom's tassel belt, mulberry alexa bag, rubi sandals, random accessories

These rings are two of my best bargains stuff. I got them for only like 20,000 rupiah each. It's like less than US$4 for both! Hahaha and they go with almost everything I wear! :D

  Just bought this turquoise-teal-colored skirt from Zara TRF. I gotta say this is a beautiful piece for Spring 2011. Zara is real quick when implementing trends from the runways. This is the only shop worth looking in Surabaya when it comes to fine quality of stylish wardrobe potential with affordable price. Well, some other brands are good too but they don't have a shop of their own. We can find some of them in Sogo but that's just it. Well, at least Dorothy Perkins will open its shop after this :) But really, Forever 21, Topshop, and H&M are highly demanded here.
Anyway, can't wait to wear it! I've been thinking on quite a lot of outfit to mix-match this skirt with.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Back to Being Nice and Girly

elita dress, sister's necklace, charles & keith heels, random bracelets, head piece from singapore, vintage nina ricci bag

So look at me now. Photographer-less. This sucks. And I don't even have a tripod ;( ha!
Anyway, I've finished my IA. And for those who doesn't know what it stands for, it stands for Internal Assessment. What I have left is the external assessment, which is the final exam, later this may. Gotta study hard before I play hard. On June. Or July. And August. And September. Till uni starts. Teehee ;D
Another news; I'm quite addicted to green beans now. In Indonesia, we call it kacang hijau or in informal way it's kacang ijo. Where have I been all my life?! I never liked it and now boombaza I eat it three times a week. No. Four times. I don't know about tomorrow but I just bought one today after three times in a row from Monday. Geesh.
Oh wait. I still have one more IA, if I could recall. Yep. That's art. Need two more studio work and improve previous studio works. Hah. Lotta work yea.
And I gotta do my maths and religion right now.
Ciao ;)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I Feel the Need

Sometimes, I question myself what's my purpose on making a blog. I've started this blog in 2008 and I wrote personal stuff and all. And then I was inspired to start a fashion blog by a random blogger I'm not sure who, I forgot (that shucks!). But I think I want to make a blog who can inspire people too. I want to share how I dress and my passion. Now even though I don't blog often and I'm lacking skills on Photoshop, blogging layout, and stuff, and merely because sometimes I don't have adequate photos to share, I still want to make this blog successful. So please bare with me here heheh :)
Oh. I forgot to mention I'm done with my first mock exam last Friday. Oohh that felt good. I was treating myself with a laid back weekend. One word: kind-of-heaven. Okay that's three words, but that's just because I don't want to exaggerate. I write what I felt. It has been so long since I enjoy my weekend because last two weeks I spent it doing a presentation. Buh.
AAANNNDDD here are few pictures which was taken by my sister before she left. Some time when she was still here.

dress from guangzhou, unbranded tights, AIIZ blazer, Picnic flats, Dior canvas bag
Now that my first mock exam was done and I only have two internal assessments left (and a bunch of materials to study before the big exam) and a "trial exam" for art next week (SO THAT'S ACTUALLY A LOT OF WORK, AIGHT?) I feel relaxed, enjoying my evening, watching movies, browsing the net, blogwalking, and blogging. Although I'll keep all the TV or movie series after the exam because they are SO addictive.

And one more thing. Hi, March, how ya' doin'? *give it a cool nod... uhuh...*