Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I Feel the Need

Sometimes, I question myself what's my purpose on making a blog. I've started this blog in 2008 and I wrote personal stuff and all. And then I was inspired to start a fashion blog by a random blogger I'm not sure who, I forgot (that shucks!). But I think I want to make a blog who can inspire people too. I want to share how I dress and my passion. Now even though I don't blog often and I'm lacking skills on Photoshop, blogging layout, and stuff, and merely because sometimes I don't have adequate photos to share, I still want to make this blog successful. So please bare with me here heheh :)
Oh. I forgot to mention I'm done with my first mock exam last Friday. Oohh that felt good. I was treating myself with a laid back weekend. One word: kind-of-heaven. Okay that's three words, but that's just because I don't want to exaggerate. I write what I felt. It has been so long since I enjoy my weekend because last two weeks I spent it doing a presentation. Buh.
AAANNNDDD here are few pictures which was taken by my sister before she left. Some time when she was still here.

dress from guangzhou, unbranded tights, AIIZ blazer, Picnic flats, Dior canvas bag
Now that my first mock exam was done and I only have two internal assessments left (and a bunch of materials to study before the big exam) and a "trial exam" for art next week (SO THAT'S ACTUALLY A LOT OF WORK, AIGHT?) I feel relaxed, enjoying my evening, watching movies, browsing the net, blogwalking, and blogging. Although I'll keep all the TV or movie series after the exam because they are SO addictive.

And one more thing. Hi, March, how ya' doin'? *give it a cool nod... uhuh...*

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