Thursday, 10 March 2011

Back to Being Nice and Girly

elita dress, sister's necklace, charles & keith heels, random bracelets, head piece from singapore, vintage nina ricci bag

So look at me now. Photographer-less. This sucks. And I don't even have a tripod ;( ha!
Anyway, I've finished my IA. And for those who doesn't know what it stands for, it stands for Internal Assessment. What I have left is the external assessment, which is the final exam, later this may. Gotta study hard before I play hard. On June. Or July. And August. And September. Till uni starts. Teehee ;D
Another news; I'm quite addicted to green beans now. In Indonesia, we call it kacang hijau or in informal way it's kacang ijo. Where have I been all my life?! I never liked it and now boombaza I eat it three times a week. No. Four times. I don't know about tomorrow but I just bought one today after three times in a row from Monday. Geesh.
Oh wait. I still have one more IA, if I could recall. Yep. That's art. Need two more studio work and improve previous studio works. Hah. Lotta work yea.
And I gotta do my maths and religion right now.
Ciao ;)

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Chezka said...

Sweet and girly, my kind of go-to look :) Love your headband, dear!

you look really cute in all your outfits :) Happy Blogging!

- Che -