Monday, 21 March 2011

My Type of Color Blocks

So here is my outfit for a spring look, though we don't have four seasons here in Indonesia but actually it's like spring/summer-windy/sunny kind of weather all time long in this country. I like the colors.

apricot t-shirt, magnolia cardigan, longchamp bag, vertical club white pants, accessorize necklace, gifted forever 21 ring

I'm actually in the middle of studying. Or not. Okay, okay, I'm in the middle of blogwalking after studying. Blech. And I will study some more after this. The big final exam is coming in one month and a half and I should really start being a geek to be able to cover the whole materials for 6 subjects.
Anyhoo, my room is a total mess due to the books and art stuff I brought home. I  practically moved the contents of my locker from school to my bedroom. The heavy folders and the 300++ pages of textbooks. I'm quite messy for a girl, but ironically I'm a clean freak. Fact about me. Yeah. I always change my clothes (from uniform or any hangout outfits to "home outfit") before I jump to my bed, I clean the spoon and fork and bowl and plate with tissue in the restaurant (talking about environmentally friendly by wasting many tissues), and all sorts. That's really ironic cause I know, piled up stuff is very attractive for dust to stay on, but oh well...
Oh. And I'm planning to make some bow ties myself. I never see any shop selling for bow ties that I could buy. And I need to clean my laptop. And all this mess. GAH. A lot of cleaning and studying.


Julie said...

I blogwalk and study all the time! It's such a bad habit though ><, anyway cute bag :)

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

love your bag! x hivennn

The Style Rawr said...

Very nicely colourblocked! Cute outfit <3

We're now following you- please follow us back! :)

T & J


Adeline Yang said...

thank you :)