Sunday, 26 June 2011

All of the Lights

cotton on dress as top, cardigan from taiwan, tailored skirt, gucci handbag, picnic flats, unbranded necklace 

the detail of the scalloped skirt... not too detail :s 

kiddies books my sister collected. seriously, these are the ones that could pop up or slide. i don't know why a 21-year-old girl would like to read this. maybe for... refreshing? well, i used these as my 'tripod' since i don't have a tripod so i stacked them on a table and put my camera on top of it and take my outfit pictures. sooo pathetic -_-"

the button details. so cute, eh?

Now I need to start packing. I've chose all the outfits I want to bring and need to put them in my luggage. Oh, the art of packing. I have a love-hate relationship on that. Mostly hate, though. Packing, especially for winter outfits, is a pain in the arse. Seriously. Your suitcase will weigh 25kg even before you shop anything! How would you like that, huh? I don't. But at least at winter I don't get grumpy like I did in the summer :s Oh, I couldn't bear the heat. I was like, in a no-talking-zone that I made myself. Sun is good, but a too-hot-sun is not. But what sun is not too-hot? RIGHT? That's why I like to travel during spring, which I haven't try doing -.-
Traveling in spring is the best. The outfits are great (dresses, floppy hats, not too cold for thin blouses and not too hot for tights *happy smiley face), the weather is puurrrfect, the sakuras are blooming (if you go to Japan :P), the tulips are also... blooming (Netherlands, nuff said), the... the... the sun doesn't set too quickly--unlike winterrr >:( You got it, aight.
Buuut, I can't complain now that I've bought the tickets and everything and I've chose to go there (Oz) in winter. Better be enjoying it :D In winter I can drink hot cocoa without sweating and I can wear boots and layering and okay, enough.
Oh, right. Packing. Not blogging ;P

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I just had a wonderful and amazing photo shoot yesterday with my friends. I was the only model with 5 photographers heheheh :) They were great! Five of them got talents. Gonna share the pictures (hopefully) soon. Not gonna make any promise remembering I haven't upload my farewell class trip too. Sigh -_-"
Anyway, here are some outfit pictures I took a few weeks ago. Again, tolerate the blurry images because I was not using a DSLR camera.

chic simple top, zara cardigan, unbranded shorts, rubi sandals, gucci handbag 

I love the color combination :)

And tomorrow, guess what? I will be having another photo shoot again with my friends! So pumped! Way to make this holiday colorful and fun! Hahahahaha... I need to pick my outfits right after this ;)
Just spent the last two and a half hours planning on my next trip to Australia and also to visit my sister there. Skype is a savior. With that video call service we could plan everything ahead of time together, even if we're on different time zones and all. And also thanks to my cousin who had been there last year for giving her itinerary so I just need to make small changes in between the days. This would be my first time to Australia. Up till I was 15 I only spent my holiday around Asia and that did not include Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, and Malaysia. Right now I'm braving myself up to be more adventurous and go on a trip without my parents. Supah dupah excited! :D Will post anything again soon!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Plum and Blueberry

unbranded graphic tunic and tights, pull and bear tank top, magnolia outerwear, dior sling bag, charles and keith heels

jiesbeadz bracelet, forever 21 ring 

don't you love the color combination navy blue and dusty purple? they match together. 

So I'm still trying to figure out with blogging stuff. I'm no tech person and I'm trying to make my blog as cozy to look at as possible. Presentation is important hahah. So the pictures on the last post were bad because I made them looked bigger with the 'Edit HTML' way and the pixels were distorted. Sorry about that. However, I'm not comfortable either with small pictures, so if anybody know how to make the pictures bigger without breaking the pixels, please do tell me. I'm opening now as I type.
Ciao :) 

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I Thought I Was Done Studying

This is what I wore to the IELTS test last Saturday. 

zara trf t-shirt and skirt, unbranded cardigan, bag from shanghai, steve madden flats 

Okay. So I think the title didn't come out right. Bear with me. I was in the middle of my holiday and yet I should open the IELTS book for practice. It was like high school all over again, minus the Bahasa, IT, biology, maths, and art. Kiddin'. Well, sorta. Because I always feel this guilt and uneasy feeling every time I did something else when I need to be doing something...else, like studying. But now it's over and I can finally enjoy my holiday to the fullest. Wrong.
As I said, I will not just spend this break laying around in my bed, watching movies, and read magazines or books, I will find some mood-boosting activities even though my mood is boosted already by doing those lazy stuff I mentioned above. It's good to have a me-time and doing nothing except those, but those activities are not good for your health. Like, literally. So I sleep, wake up, eat, watch movies, sleep, wake up, eat, watch movies. How was that healthy? RIGHT? All that's left of it is probably increased number on your weight scale, which, by the way, I do not have. Seriously, I don't have a weight scale in my house which is why I often lose track on how much I weigh. But that doesn't matter because soon, I will be hitting the gym. Well,... I want to. Gotta motivate myself!!!

A handmade necklace. Or not. I compiled all the pendants I have when I was a child (when the silver necklaces were in... *erm*) and hang them on a black string... which I bought when I was a child. Too. *grin*

I love the colors (pink and turquoise) combined together. They remind me of bubble gums. 

Ciao :)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Miss Sunshine

unbranded bodycon long sleeved dress, tailor made skirt, charles & keith wooden wedges, gucci handbag

Look at how the effect of the editing makes the perfume bottle looks like made from a can. And I like how the green blend with the silver in that kind of shape. 
h&m bangle, aldo rings, necklace and bracelet bought in shanghai, dkny perfume


I'm hereeee... At home. I got back from the class farewell trip on Friday but didn't maintain to post a post ;P blach. Anyway, I'm so gonna miss my class. Had so much fun. And when I said so much, I mean SOOOO MUUUUUUUCCCCCHHHHH... We were closer than ever. Pictures will be posted soon :$
The outfit above is the one I wore for a night out with my best friends on the weekend. I really like a night out on the weekend because the vibe is so alive. The places were crowded, but... alive. Everybody seemed like having a good time. And so did I. Good for people-watching too!
Speaking of that, when I once went out by myself--or was it when I waited for my friends to come, I forgot--I usually people-watched. I observed what others were doing, what they were wearing, what they were talking (pssst... eavesdropper heheh :P). It was just fun. Like that. Watching people doing what they did, it was like putting yourselves out of your mind, forgetting your problems for a split second. I didn't do it that often but when I got the chance, I did.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Eat & ... Eat

cotton on dress, zara cardigan, sister's necklace, gucci bag, steve madden flats, unbranded bracelet, aldo rings 

we can! yes we can! i didn't wear the 'yes' ring. 

Oh. About the title, there is this new food court named Eat&Eat opened up in town and I went there for the third or fourth time last Thursday. I think it was inspired by some food courts in Singapore or Jakarta. Its decoration is very good. It's like this old Chinese market and... stuff. If I have the chance to take pictures, I will. Cos... well, you know, it would be so awkward taking outfit pictures there and all. Heheh :P

Anyway, will be gone tomorrow till Friday to have a grad trip with my classmates. Nowhere far, just out of town. Pictures will come on my next post, hopefully. If not, then, I'll substitute with a few outfit posts first then the trip photos. Whatever. Okay.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Summer After High School

Okay. So actually the pictures were not taken in a summer after high school. But I was inspired by Katy Perry's song "The One That Got Away". Oh, I love that song. And it will be weird if I change it to "summer before high school". These pictures were photographed by my sister.

apricot dress, cropped cardigan from taiwan, charles & keith pointed heels, dior white canvas panarea shopping bag, sister's necklace


 I'm still up. Yes, I am. It's 01:36. I have to change the habit of sleeping very very late like this. It's not healthy, I know. But hmmm... I guess I feel like there's not enough time in a day. I need more. And time flies these days. Yesterday was New Year 2011, and now it's early June. Wow.

I guess, we, as respected individuals, should start do something that's meaningful for us and others. I mean, don't just sit back and watch people do the deeds for you. YOU, yourselves, can do it for YOU. And others of course. What's the meaning of life if you just play around and having fun in your own little world, not caring about others who are in need? Do something. And I probably need to say and stick and say and stick it to myself again and again so I won't forget. So I would do something too. Something not just for my interest, but for others' too.


P.S. Miss Jawa Timur wins the title Miss Indonesia 2011! Yay! I'm happy for her too :) 
P.P.S. I'm saying "too" too much. Pst.