Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I just had a wonderful and amazing photo shoot yesterday with my friends. I was the only model with 5 photographers heheheh :) They were great! Five of them got talents. Gonna share the pictures (hopefully) soon. Not gonna make any promise remembering I haven't upload my farewell class trip too. Sigh -_-"
Anyway, here are some outfit pictures I took a few weeks ago. Again, tolerate the blurry images because I was not using a DSLR camera.

chic simple top, zara cardigan, unbranded shorts, rubi sandals, gucci handbag 

I love the color combination :)

And tomorrow, guess what? I will be having another photo shoot again with my friends! So pumped! Way to make this holiday colorful and fun! Hahahahaha... I need to pick my outfits right after this ;)
Just spent the last two and a half hours planning on my next trip to Australia and also to visit my sister there. Skype is a savior. With that video call service we could plan everything ahead of time together, even if we're on different time zones and all. And also thanks to my cousin who had been there last year for giving her itinerary so I just need to make small changes in between the days. This would be my first time to Australia. Up till I was 15 I only spent my holiday around Asia and that did not include Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, and Malaysia. Right now I'm braving myself up to be more adventurous and go on a trip without my parents. Supah dupah excited! :D Will post anything again soon!

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