Sunday, 26 June 2011

All of the Lights

cotton on dress as top, cardigan from taiwan, tailored skirt, gucci handbag, picnic flats, unbranded necklace 

the detail of the scalloped skirt... not too detail :s 

kiddies books my sister collected. seriously, these are the ones that could pop up or slide. i don't know why a 21-year-old girl would like to read this. maybe for... refreshing? well, i used these as my 'tripod' since i don't have a tripod so i stacked them on a table and put my camera on top of it and take my outfit pictures. sooo pathetic -_-"

the button details. so cute, eh?

Now I need to start packing. I've chose all the outfits I want to bring and need to put them in my luggage. Oh, the art of packing. I have a love-hate relationship on that. Mostly hate, though. Packing, especially for winter outfits, is a pain in the arse. Seriously. Your suitcase will weigh 25kg even before you shop anything! How would you like that, huh? I don't. But at least at winter I don't get grumpy like I did in the summer :s Oh, I couldn't bear the heat. I was like, in a no-talking-zone that I made myself. Sun is good, but a too-hot-sun is not. But what sun is not too-hot? RIGHT? That's why I like to travel during spring, which I haven't try doing -.-
Traveling in spring is the best. The outfits are great (dresses, floppy hats, not too cold for thin blouses and not too hot for tights *happy smiley face), the weather is puurrrfect, the sakuras are blooming (if you go to Japan :P), the tulips are also... blooming (Netherlands, nuff said), the... the... the sun doesn't set too quickly--unlike winterrr >:( You got it, aight.
Buuut, I can't complain now that I've bought the tickets and everything and I've chose to go there (Oz) in winter. Better be enjoying it :D In winter I can drink hot cocoa without sweating and I can wear boots and layering and okay, enough.
Oh, right. Packing. Not blogging ;P

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