Tuesday, 19 June 2012


How's everybody doing? It's a little too early to say that I've had a wonderful week since it's only Tuesday. But, ever since I've finished all my assignments I've been going out nonstop for shopping. If it's not Oxford Circus, then it's Knightsbridge. Or Bond Street, or anywhere, where there are clothing shops in sight. Walking 6-7 hours each day for shopping is definitely my kind of exercise.

Anyway, because I haven't ask my outfit pictures from my friend, I'll post pictures that was taken two years ago (OMG, seriously me!) in Versailles.

Dress - Ciel
Tights and outerwear- Unbranded
Flats - Steve Madden
Bag - Chanel
Accessories - Random

At that time in Versailles Palace there was an exhibition by Takashi Murakami, who I believed ever had a collaboration with Louis Vuitton. Just look at his artwork, can you see the resemblance with any installation in LV around (also) two years ago? Hmmm...

Anyway, now I understand why some people like history and go to historical places or look at historical paintings. Even I would think the same way they did, "What were these people doing when they were being painted by an artist in 1860?" or "What were they doing in this room back then in 1649?" I was curious. What was it like to live in 17th century or what did they talk about? Hahaha... It might be an interesting story to be heard.


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Silent Transform

This was a project from last year's term. In autumn, to be exact. So it was supposed to be an editorial photo shoot, but my group and I didn't find the perfect concept of clothing, so we opted for something simple yet artistic. We only used a blank white cloth, and a few leaves. Okay, probably a lot.

Some people might say I looked like a ghost. Well, hahaha, I can't help but agree. Some pictures do look scary. But I still like them, you know, cause they have this artsy feely.

So here are the pictures for the very-minimum-budget-editorial-photo-shoot...

When the summer turned to fall
It indicated the nature's call
No voice needed when doing so
Just like when human beings grow

But the change is there
Existing for us to stare
You don't have to be loud
Silence eliminates the doubt

Photographer: Pin Wen Fan
Make-up artist: Mai Orio
Props: Shreya Vatsa and Kateryna Loktyeva
Director: Haseung Lee


Friday, 15 June 2012

Relieved and Relaxed

Holiday! Oh yeaaaaahhhh (this sounds so tacky hahahaa!) Anyway, finished everything (well, actually since last Wednesday) but I've just got the time to write it on a blog post now :) Right after I finished my presentation, I headed to Oxford Circus to... what else? SHOP! And today I just went to Harrods for... what else? SHOPPED! And tomorrow I will go to Bond Street and Selfridged for... what freaking else? SHOOOOPPPP!!!!! That feeling when you spend money and you get all these stuff... no, not satisfied, more like a.... GUILTY PLEASURE!!! I'm so hysteric right now (in fact is I'm not shouting or rolling on the floor... I'm just so full of joy inside!) Hahahahaha...

I definitely can't wait to go home. My beloved country, Indonesia, here I come in around two weeks! :D But, before, I should find a storage to store all of my stuff over the summer break, also I need to clean my room from the remainder of all these messy things I left before the submission, like now! I should clean my room now. I didn't realize that blogging will take one and a half hours just by blogwalking, replying comments, and posting a new stuff! Hahaha... But it's a fun thing to do. Keep the spirit up!!!

Dress - Ci Ci, brand available in Topshop
Blazer and tights - Zara
Flats - New Look
Necklace - Frou Frou Design
Bracelet - H&M
Hair band - m)phosis

These were taken last October, actually. Hahaha... just remembered that I should've posted it a long time a go. Ha, like you'd be surprise. Because you know my habit to not post everything directly. Bad one, I know.

Anyhoo, that night I tried Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. It was the only Three Michelin Stars restaurant that Gordon Ramsay has in London, if I'm not mistaken, so that was why my cousin chose this restaurant instead of the other 10. The ambiance and service were definitely excellent. The place was homey. No wonder because it was located near houses and not quite public. Nearest tube station is Victoria, and you can walk for a few minutes and take a bus (forgot what number). Hahaha it was quite a walk.

However, I personally prefer Maze that I've tried in Melbourne last summer (but they closed down already now). I've been meaning to try other different Gordon Ramsay's restaurants but don't know why I haven't. I should treat my tummy and tongue right. Forget the saying "a moment on the lips, forever on the hips" cause I couldn't careless. Hahaha.