Monday, 29 October 2012

The Little Black Jacket

So I went to The Little Black Jacket (Chanel's that is) exhibition last Saturday with my friends. This was a moving exhibition, taken place in fashion cities in the world starting from Tokyo in April 2012, then moved to New York, Taipei, Hong Kong, London... And next will be Moscow, Sydney, Paris, and Berlin. I don't know if it's gonna continue to other destinations but for now, those are the list on the website. There were more than 100 (109 to be exact) public figures which photographs were taken by Lagerfeld himself.

The exhibition would end on the 28th of October from the magazines that I've read, however just now I checked again with the website it would be up until 4th of November. Don't know which one is correct but for those of you who live in London, if you haven't check it out, check it out now if it's not closed yet.

I was quite lucky because in London we can take pictures of the photographs and the admission was free because I heard in Hong Kong you need to get invitation and no cameras allowed. Anyway, here it was located in Saatchi Gallery, Sloane Square, which I think was the best gallery I've gone to so far. Gotta say, the exhibition was really good. It was simple, minimalist, but very cool. The photographs were by my uncle, Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld, and the stylist was my auntie, Mademoiselle Carine Roitfeld. It was totally worth it going to this exhibition, especially when you got a free poster of one of the photographs there (I got the Lily Donaldson's one).

Aaaannnddd here are the pictures...

Kelly Osbourne

Clemence Poesy

In the middle was Kanye West, on the right was Anja Rubik

Sarah Jessica Parker

Anna Wintour

Lindsey Wixson

Elle Fanning

Milla Jovovich

Alexander Wang

Lily Donaldson

Elizabeth Olsen

Jane Birkin

Carine Roitfeld

Kristen Dunst

I just posted the pictures of the well-known celebrities or fashion figures. However, there were more than just that. There were artists, musicians, models, a small guy and a little girl, actresses, actors that were inspiring as well. I will post them some times soon so do catch up, but obviously not all 109 photos because I only took three-quarters of them hehehe :)


P.S. Don't you realize it was the younger sisters who made an appearance instead of the "used-to-be-more-famous" older sisters? (re: Elle Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Confessions of a Fashion Student

Being a fashion student is hard, not to mention expensive. I've overheard two people talking on the street, one of them obviously a fashion student with a big portfolio bag on her hand and an umbrella on the other, and her friend asked her, "So you don't only pay for your tuition, but you pay for stationary, fabrics, and books?" And I can't see her expression, but her response was, "Yeah..."

I've never thought of that. My mind immediately ran to my stationary (sketchbook, portfolio, glue, pens and pencils in different thickness, coloured pencils, copic markers, water colours, gouache paints, acrylic paints, oil paints, different kinds of rulers, protractor, folders, printer ink that drained so quickly because of many coloured printings, and many many more), fabrics, books and magazines for research, equipments for sewing (three different kinds of bobbins & bobbin cases for different brands of sewing machine--they are not THAT cheap especially if you lose yours, scissors, threads and needles, dressing pins, the list goes on and on and on and on). And there's still more!

And you don't just make clothes. You research, you design, you make a sample, you sew, you also have an academic study (lectures and essays, anyone?). You go on countless sleepless nights. It's just unavoidable. Yes, I don't have exams. But I have portfolio to be handed in. I have garments to be made. And the process to reach those are not by reading books, take notes, and done, NO.

So think again, people who underestimate fashion design students (not the people in London because they know, alright). And think again people who want to take fashion design as their major (especially if your reason is you love shopping. I love shopping ≠ I love fashion design). If you don't have a passion for it, said one of the fashion designers in my hometown, don't you dare study about it. I agree. I can do this because I enjoy what I'm doing. Not the sleepless nights (well, maybe those too). I mean, I learned a lot and I gained a lot, and I'm happy. So, yeah, it's hard, but in the end it will be worth it.

Shirt underneath and socks - Uniqlo
Sweater - COS
Leggings shoes - Zara
 Bag - Cupcake


Saturday, 20 October 2012

Peeking Out

Jumper - Lazy Oaf
Leggings - Zara
Shoes - Converse

When I passed the Lazy Oaf store, my eyes directly caught this men's sweater that was being hung. And I bought it. Actually there were two colours; red and navy blue, but I thought the navy blue wouldn't make the eyes inside the gigantic pocket popped.

The humongous pocket was very handy, fortunately. I almost put all my stuff there. I went to my friend's flat without bringing any bag because my phone, money, cards, iTouch, keys, all in there, just like Doraemon's pocket. But mine is cuter.


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Maze by Gordon Ramsay

I was lucky enough to try this in Melbourne before it closed down, said my sister. But even luckier, cause I still can eat Maze here in London. By the way, I think Maze is better than the Three Michelin Stars Restaurant Gordon Ramsay even though Maze got no Michelin Stars. Honest opinion. I don't know if my tongue decided to be different on the day I tried Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, or maybe it's the truth, but anyway... PICS!

Ravioli of Southern Rock Lobster

Marlborough King Salmon

Crispy Pork Belly

Northern Rivers Veal

Rhubarb Compote Yogurt, Freeze Dried Raspberry

Exotic Fruit Vacherin Passion Fruit & Banana Sorbet

Hot Chocolate Fondant Pumpkin, Gingerbread Ice Cream

The first few pictures were not Maze, actually. They were taken in Koko Black. My sister liked the ice chocolate. I couldn't remember how it tasted like. Hahaha... However, I think I like Max Brenner better :)


P.S. Please do. Drooling over your laptop/computer screen, I mean.