Wednesday, 15 January 2014


This is going to be a long post full of pictures of Birmingham and I, just cause I added a few scenery pics as well. Birmingham is the second largest city in England after London. It has its own uniqueness but personally it's not my cup of tea. I'd still prefer London. The building on the background is Selfridges, in Birmingham, and the architecture is inspired by Paco Rabanne's sequinned dress. Well, the building itself screams Paco Rabanne all over. I really like it though, I wish they would build such thing in London in addition to what seems already a lot of London famous landmarks. Oh these were taken in March 2013, by the way and you can see the snow so you could sum up what kind of country this is. Or what was left of it, at least.

Top - American Apparel
Leggings and shirt - Uniqlo
Boots - Melissa x Vivienne Westwood
Bag - Cupcake
Trench coat - Burberry
Hat - River Island
Necklace - Monki

Photographed by Nordica Lorencia

I personally think Burberry make the finest trench coats in the world, the most classic among all trench coats. The fact that Thomas Burberry was the an original designer explains everything. Actually there are two brands who claim on the invention of this particular type of outerwear: Burberry and Aquascutum, both from the UK. However, it might be because I heard about Burberry first, that I always see their trench coats are to die for, especially in earthy colour tone. They are perfect. That's why buying one is such an investment piece. I wouldn't refuse if you buy me a second one. Or a third.

Til next post.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Travel Through Time

I don't realise that I am quite adventurous. I know that I like to travel, to new and old places, but right now, I am dying to travel to new places, the weirder the better. Okay, maybe I'm not ready to climb the Himalayas or the Everest. Not yet, anyway. But maybe someday I will be ready and I will. At the moment, I really want to go to Iceland.

Traveling around the world is probably everyone's ultimate dream. Easier said than done. Traveling is some kind of a sacrifice and satisfaction at the same time. For students like me, I definitely have more time than older people who work, but I have limited budget. Those who work, they have the money, but not the time. See? It's really easy to say, "I want to go here and there and everywhere." The question is, when?

Jersey top, shawl and cardigan - Cotton Ink
Pants - H&M
Socks - Sox Galeri
Shoes - Monki
Trench coat - Burberry
Bag - Cupcake

I was in Windsor Castle, one of the Queen's official residences. Nothing special, except there was a gigantic doll house showcased, belonged to Queen Mary. These pictures were actually from the end of 2012, when I started traveling around UK with my friends. I also remember after the visit to the castle, my friends and I went to Eton College just to check it out, even if the college was actually closed and all the students were off on holiday.

And now, seeing it's 2014 already, it's just sad. It's sad how time travels really fast. We realise time flies yet we cannot do anything about it. So, seize the moment.

'Til next post.