Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Week Away

Hello, humans. I'm quite taking a risk here by blogging but I'm. So. Bored. Not like bored-I-don't-have-anything-to-do. It's the opposite. It's bored-I-have-too-many-things-to-do. My portfolio deadline is a week away, as the title say, and well, even though I'm halfway done but obviously, need to do more.

As a normal student, I just can't wait for Spring Break right now. I have loads of plans already. That included queuing for Marni for H&M on the 8th of March but the plan was ruined right after I heard that I will have a presentation that day. Noooooooooo.... What am I supposed to do?

Anyhoo, this was one of the photoshoot for my sweet 17th birthday, which was... one and a quarter year ago. Time was flying like s**t.

Photography by Recordance
Dress by ENMF

I bought this ready-to-wear dress from Surabaya-based designer. I like her designs because she really is... can't think of other words beside unique. You can find her other design on me on this post. This dress is made from mens' shirts and look how beautifully done it is. Me likey even though I can't wear it everyday.

Okay... Should get back to work now.

Ciao bella.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Cute Food

I can't say I'm a sucker for good food, but I totally am for cute food. Although, one can't simply resist good food either! ;)

 Craaayyyzzyyy... Via 9gag.com

 Image courtesy of Sea of Shoes

The rest is from Tumblr
World map on an apple... Nice. 

A chic Halloween pumpkin 



Tuesday, 21 February 2012

You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine

Been working on my portfolio lately. I should ace this. It's the passion you want to strive for and the dream you'd do anything to get :)

I went to the Saatchi Gallery last week. It was literally the best art gallery I've ever been too. The art is very contemporary (very me) and the artworks were very well spaced. From outside it looked like a small house, but inside there were 15 rooms to showcase the artworks that include sculptures, installations, paintings, and even a pool of oil (yes, you read it right). It's cool. The artists who committed to make such unbelievable pieces must be very, very gifted. Anyone who go to London should visit this gallery, especially if you're more interested in modern art than the old, boring paintings....... *okay, not gonna judge* *oops, just did* *sorry*

The building architecture was mixed between minimalism and artsy. You can see all the glass and brick at the same time. It was pretty cool. And they have loads of partition, which I like. 

When I first came into this room, the smell was striking definitely, but I had no idea it was oil. I thought it was a black glass or cloth that covered half height of the room because you see the reflection right? I thought it was the ground, or the floor. And then it struck me. It was like, how did he do this? (Well, he probably just poured down !@#$%^&*() liter of oil...)

Photo credits
Adeline Yang
Angel Margaret

The artists
1. André Butzer  
2. André Butzer
9. Gert & Uwe Tobias
10. Gert & Uwe Tobias
11. Gert & Uwe Tobias
12. Gert & Uwe Tobias
15. Ida Ekbald
16. Alexandra Bircken  
17. Alexandra Bircken
18. Alexandra Bircken
19. Alexandra Bircken
20. Thomas Zipp
21. Thomas Zipp
22. Thomas Kiesewetter
23. Thomas Kiesewetter
24. Kirstine Roepstorff
26. Kirstine Roepstorff
27. Andro Wekua
28. Richard Wilson

I'm really sorry for not taking notes of all the artists. At that time I was too caught up with the artworks that I forgot to take pictures of the artists' badges, or name and title stuff that galleries usually put on the wall. Naughty, naughty me. You should never ever do that because recognition of the artists is very important.

Sorry for the long post but... I hope you enjoy it. And for those who live in Indonesia, don't you just wish that our country have this kind of galleries? ;;)


P.S. My outfit post for this one was "inspired" by my other outfit post but this time I paired the scalloped skirt with M&S black long sleeve t-shirt, Zara blazer, over the knee socks I found in my closet, New Look flats, Issey Miyake Bao Bao bag, and necklace I got from Shanghai. Toodles.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

London Fashion Week 18 February 2012

Before I say anything, I want to apologize for the date and time stated on the photographs. My friend forgot to change the format on her camera. But overall, we got some pretty good pictures. Not professionally whatsoever but still worth the look.

Me and Mary Katranzou's catwalk on the background. On screen, of course.

A lot of people dressed up really well. Well, how would your expect it to be like? It's fashion week! It's that time where you want to show off at least one of the pieces in your wardrobe. In this case, it's still my Bao Bao bag. I'm totally in love with it.

And here are the pictures of the exhibition:
Ah-mazing jewelries and shoes and bags I saw that day. By different designers, FYI.

From Mawi
If you want that classic expensive look, you'd better head to their website for more pictures... and probably some shopping.

Topshop had these t-shirts sold that was linked directly to the British fashion designers such as Mary Katrantzou and Jonathan Saunders. The t-shirt that was designed by Mary Katrantzou was sold in store for 
£30. Not my style, but for those who like full-floral t-shirts, feel free to grab one from the nearest Topshop.

 Instantly my favorite piece of jewelry among all the products showcased. The brand is Cabinet. Look at how the designer played with all these elements; glass, beads, ropes, metal. It's definitely the kind of necklace I would want to wear.

 And to close, these are the bags from a Belgium designer. The bags are SO me.

Photo credits
Josephine Kerin
Angel Margaret
Adeline Yang

One thing to make it clear, I did not go inside to watch the catwalks. The exhibition pass was only allowing me to see the exhibition, period. And not all people can get it. I do have a blog so I asked for the pass. I wouldn't have knew about it if my friends who came earlier than me didn't mention that bloggers can come inside. So it's still something.

Anyway, I'm very glad that I live in one of the fashion capitals in the world. Because if these kinds of things happen, I can just hop inside the tube, travel for around 30 to 45 minutes underground (or only 15 minutes if the location is near my studio), arriving at the place, and feel the vibe of the great things I used to only read on the magazines or watch on movies.

Ciao ;)