Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Cambridge Satchel Company

It's very gloomy and freezing and sleeting and raining here in London. It's quite a depressing mood, you know. It's the time of life when you just want to hide behind your blanket and consume lots and lots of hot chocolate. But anyway, I'm not gonna complain about the weather (even though I want to) but I can't be selfish for this is more like a "fashion" blog, not a "weather forecast" blog.

You guys must have heard about The Cambridge Satchel Company. I've heard about it years and years ago but I think it gets more booming in late 2011 and now. My sister knew about it like approximately the same time as me and she wanted it so bad she finally bought it in one of the stores in Sydney. In yellow. I think I like that color the best because I'm not a big fan of neon colors and the dark colors of Cambridge Satchel is not that eye-catching, you know.

So they have these various range of designs from the classic;

The metallic;

The limited stock;

The fluoro;

The designer;

The batchel;

The music bag;

Actually, the purple is quite nice as well. And their limited stock's colors are pretty too. But, my sister opted for the classic yellow. Anyhoo, I've never try to wear it since I haven't meet her and exchange our bags even though I want to so bad.

It's not too pricey because it's sort of a new-designer, high street kinda company. The bags are around 70
£ - 130£ . It's very popular in the UK. My sister's friend said that there are 10 people in her class wearing this bag. In my year, there are a few, including the tutor. It's also starting to trend in Indonesia because last time I went home I saw this girl wearing the Cambridge Satchel but in light glossy brown. I'm not sure it's the real one or not but you know, Urban Outfitters and Liberty also sell different colors from the website so who knew?

I think it's worth the buy because it looks good and match easily with many outfits, but the opening is kinda hard. Anyway, which one from the pictures above is your favorite?

Check more pictures from their website; The Cambridge Satchel Company


P.S. I'm such a bag person.

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