Sunday, 5 February 2012


It's snowing today. Don't you just love the snow? It's white, pure, "clean", peaceful, soft... Very... delicate. That's the word. Delicate.

Every time I see snow, I have this urge to eat it. You know, cause I'm an ice cube freak.

cotton ink top, zata jacket, bettina liano jeans, h&m boots, gifted necklace from my sister, rayban wayfarer sunglasses

These pictures were taken during my trip to Canada last Autumn. I can't imagine how cold it would be in Canada right now. I mean, London is being mean already. Canada must be even worse. My friend who studies there right now said it was usually -40 degree Celsius. I'm like, 0 is freezing enough for me.

Or, as what Georgina Sparks said, "Tata. See you at the next shindig."

P.S. Changed my blog layout just for a refreshment, and hopefully it looks more professional as the last one is kinda amateur. I'm not really good with graphic design or blog layout and stuff so... maybe this will just do for a while :)

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Carmen said...

Love these photos and the snow!!

Carmen Ri.