Monday, 13 February 2012

A Week Full Of Events

Yes, Valentine's Day, Pure London, and LFW are all happening this week.
Funny, I will go to Pure London on Vals day because I don't have plans on that day and I'm not invited to LFW. But don't worry, I'll go there too. My tutor said "Just go! Who knows you can sneak in and watch the show?" or something like that. I've never thought of that before but now because she mentioned it, I'll definitely be there with my camera, ready to hunt some fashionable pictures. Even though my camera is not professional at all. Hahahaha...

So here are some pictures from my last trip to Canada... Yes, again. I'm not done with it yet :P

zara t-shirt and shirt as outerwear, h&m boots and beanie, mulberry alexa bag, rayban wayfarer sunglasses

This is what I called a family <3

I really should catch up with my house chores, or work in general. Hand in date is three weeks away and I'm not close to finish.


P.S. For all, happy Valentine's day. I know in some countries it's 14th of Feb already!!! :D

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Carmen said...

Cute photos! Especially the last one. Yeah, you should try haha, you never know!

Carmen Ri.