Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Long Summer Break

I'm enjoying my holiday now :D

dorothy perkins tank top, cotton on dress, ebase outerwear, unbranded belt, evita peroni necklace, longchamp bag, accessorize bracelet 

 I don't know why but my choice in dressing up quite depend on the season. I automatically pick brighter colors for spring and summer and darker colored clothes for autumn and winter. Although in my country there's no such thing like four seasons, but you know what I mean. I love seeing bright and pastel colored clothes hanging on my clothes hanger.
 I hope this holiday gets better and better *squeals*
 Right now I'm watching DVDs. It's been a long long time since I went for a movie marathon. All the hard work for two years pretty much kept me away from entertainment and stuff. Or less entertainment, that is. So now it's like a pay-back time >:]
 But I won't be slacking just because I can. I'm still gonna get some useful activities for this holiday. After all, life isn't just about the fun. It's about learning and get your hands dirty or sweating your backs or whatever idioms I'm trying to create here. So, have a balance in life :)

Sunday, 29 May 2011

That Hand Me Down Vest

Vest. Over-sized outerwear. Whatever you call it, it's amazing. For me. I got this from my cousin. She owned it for quite some time, I think in her high school period. That means like 10 years ago, probably. And so one day I borrowed this vest and she decided to give it to me. I like this outerwear a lot and I wear it quite often too because of its versatility and easy to match with anything. I wore this outerwear for two outfit posts in a row. Haha. Forgive me ;) So for that night I paired it with my sister's elita dress, a Mulberry Alexa, and a pair of Tod's loafers.

accessories: cotton ink belt, accessorize bracelets and necklace


That night was my after-exam party. Celebrated it with my classmates who fought together with me for a pass. It felt such a relief for finishing a two-years-course. Together we've felt sleepless nights, killer exam preps, the D-day of the first exam (maths for majorities), and all. Okay I'm exaggerating. But seriously, we did the same thing typically: pro.cra.sti.nate. Yep, if you read my year book later there would be similar words considering all the procrastinations we did.

The girls in our class. Yup, only 6.

Dinner at La Rucola. Have I ever mentioned this place somewhere in my posts below, before? If I haven't, then I'll suggest this Italian restaurant in Surabaya to you guys. It gets more crowded at 8 pm or later, so if you want to eat here, make a reservation or come at 6...or so. Usually what I'll order is their pizza (seafood and carnivora), rigatoni, ravioli, and the best dessert ever: chocolate molten cake which they called delizzia. Or something like that. I don't remember all the names exactly, but yep, that's pretty much of it.

 pizza carnivora (again, not the exact name)

the chocolate molten cake: delizzia 

We went karaoke-ing afterwards. Whatta fun night :) 

This is the whole class minus two people. Heart them.
photo creds: random people

Anyway, I gotta say I'd miss high school VERY MUCH. Although, I have to study things I dislike (SCIENCE!!!) or catching up with deadlines and dealing with moody slash annoying teachers, I'm sure high school would make one of the best memories of all time. In my life, that is. Apart from the worst scenarios, I must be missing the chit chat before class, the snacks sharing, the study group, the process of learning itself, the caring friends, the helpful teachers, and all in all, my one and only school.
So yeah, that summarize my feelings for now. Until next time,

Thursday, 26 May 2011


Yes! I graduated last night! Not a high school student anymore. Indescribable feeling. High school will be one of the best moments of my life. Mmm... But I'm not gonna show you the pictures today. I haven't copy it from my camera to my laptop. Hectic, I brought three cameras last night.
Anyway, I know I "lied" about posting any post after my last exam (that was last week!) but um... here it is, the post. And an outfit post below.

giordano top, unbranded legging, a hand me down ebase outerwear, sister's necklace, a hand me down nina ricci sling bag, steve madden flats 

So yeah, my outfit post ;) I'll try to post daily heheheh. I'm enjoying my holiday now. And I actually have a lot to say, but because it's too much... I forget. I'll leave all the sayings and chats and stories for later posts and let's see how the time goes. And... WHAT AM I RAMBLING ABOUT NOW?!
I'm excited, I can see. This is boring. Full stops in every three words. Whatever. Cannot talk. So...
P.S. I really love the smell of my hair. Nyuuummm.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

20 May 2011

I will start blogging again next week! I'm currently in the middle of my final exam and shouldn't be bothered with blog posts. So when I do really have time to post something, I will. Especially when there are 3 outfit posts waiting in line. Stay tune :)