Thursday, 26 May 2011


Yes! I graduated last night! Not a high school student anymore. Indescribable feeling. High school will be one of the best moments of my life. Mmm... But I'm not gonna show you the pictures today. I haven't copy it from my camera to my laptop. Hectic, I brought three cameras last night.
Anyway, I know I "lied" about posting any post after my last exam (that was last week!) but um... here it is, the post. And an outfit post below.

giordano top, unbranded legging, a hand me down ebase outerwear, sister's necklace, a hand me down nina ricci sling bag, steve madden flats 

So yeah, my outfit post ;) I'll try to post daily heheheh. I'm enjoying my holiday now. And I actually have a lot to say, but because it's too much... I forget. I'll leave all the sayings and chats and stories for later posts and let's see how the time goes. And... WHAT AM I RAMBLING ABOUT NOW?!
I'm excited, I can see. This is boring. Full stops in every three words. Whatever. Cannot talk. So...
P.S. I really love the smell of my hair. Nyuuummm.

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