Saturday, 30 May 2009

10 Must Things That I Don't Have

1. Converse sneaker(s). I don't have any of em even though i want em so bad. idk why i didn't buy it straight away, though.

2. Black blazer. I'm 15, yeah. I know when I'll wear it, I'll look too old. But anyway, it's still a MUST in a fashion world.

3. Leather jacket. Oh yeah. I thought I didn't want one but right now, OMG I WANT IT!!!

4. White shirt. I've been wearing one of my sister's or my mom's. They have tons of it and i have none. how ironic. same comment with the 2nd one, though.

5. Big black bag. I have one, but not the formal one. The Esprit one I have. But it's not comfy to wear and the material isn't so good.

6. Jeans vest. I don't know where to find a good one. I've come to zara, to pull and bear, forever 21, the-one-that-is-not-too-expensive-stores but I didn't find the jeans vest that fits me. Not fits literally, fits my taste that is.

7. Wedges. I actually like to see people wear wedges, don't know how're they on me?

8. Gold chains. I'm getting one, or two. Very. Soon. And maybe it will be a real gold, not the imitation one. Pray for me!!

9. Summer flip-flop. You know, the one that's like Roxy or Billabong. I need them for camping and soon-to-go-Bali-trip!! hope I can find one pair there!

10. LWD. It's stands for Little White Dress. I have a white dress, but this one is too childish. Come on. I bought it in sixth grade with the label BUNNY on it. puh-leeze.

btw, the things that were mentioned were not based on numbers. e.g. the first thing must have is converse sneakers. no. i just randomly wrote them.

and btw again. it's very late now. i'm sleepy, yeah, but i cannot sleep. but well, i'm signing out so...
Ciao :p

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Army of God

Okay, so I went to KKR at Juanda Lama today and it was amazing!!! It is such a night where and when I feel grateful and so in peace. I am happy. Thanks, God.

5 Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again!

1. A Cinderella Story. Very romantic. Very inspiring. Very breathtaking. IDK why I just LOVES IT!!! I watched it gazillion times and haven't been bored because of it. In fact, I will watch it again in not more than a second, right now! :p
2. Wild Child. Beautiful girl, handsome guy. I couldn't ask more because I always love movies with pretty girls and breathtaking guys. Yes, yes, yes.
3. HIMYM. Two words: HILAR-IOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oops, it's one, isn't it? I couldn't stop laughing even when the movie is over. ROFL.
4. Getting There. I also watched this billion times. I love MK and Ash.
5. The Clique. My recent obsession. Love the clothes, but not the girls.

I know, I know. Some of em or all of em might be lame for all of you guys, but hey, I have a right to like something! Believe me, I love GG, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, HSM 123, Mean Girls, Aquamarine, and maybe 90210 if I would start buying the DVD now or soon, Desperate Housewives, and more of chick-flicks or teenage movies but I would be bored if I wantch them over and over again because a) some of them are series (HIMYM also series but you know right, it's HILAR-IOUS!!!! it's legen-wait for it-dary! what up?) and I cannot watch something that's so long like that without being bored and sleepy and b) the story lines are sometimes complicated so... IDK but I love em all!

Top 5 Female Star That I Lurve!

1. Selena Gomez. She's pretty, funny, and multi-talented (she acts, she dances, and she sings)! I HEART HERRRR XOOOOO MUCH!!!
2. Vanessa Hudgens. Very gorgeous, she starred in the only musical movies that I love!! She's dating Zac Efron, and she's also multi-talented.
3. Miley Cyrus. Same thing with Selena Gomez, except that I think she's less pretty, but she's still pretty in someway. Too bad they both are fighting over a brocolli (oops! sorry. just a-what'd you call that? hmmm). :p
4. Taylor Swift. She always looks so beautiful in her video clips. Her skin is always glowing. She's very talented on creating music (I listen to her songs like, everyday, every hour, every minute, and every second. Her songs in her album Fearless are all included in my 25 Most Played Songs in my iTunes). I just like her recently. And I think she's very down-to-earth.
5. Hilary Duff. I used to like her more than the four other celebrities. But hey, she takes a break, I may say, until her upcoming movie that will show her as a "mommy", maybe? Well, she's not as kind as before, I think. She started to be this wild with her new video clip Reachout and I hate her songs now. But hey, she's still my idol.

Other stars that is below top 5; Blake Lively (smart, pretty, tall, plays in GG), Leighton Meester (same thing with Blake, just different 'tude and maybe "different-pretty-type". Leighton is more classic while Blake is more... hmmm... can't explain), Emma Roberts (very pretty, her acting in Wild Child is very cool, and also very fashionable!), Amanda Bynes (funny, funny, funny!), The Olsen Twin (they are rich!!! And I like their clothing line Elizabeth and James even though I have none of their items). I think that's it.

5 Facts About Me In The Car

1. I get dizzy and headache when listens to the radio.
2. I should listen to the music that feels fine in my ear.
3. I get dizzy and headache also when I read in the car.
4. I like to sing the songs I listens to out loud (sorry for everyone who feels disturbed but I cannot stop my lips from moving! I don't want to stop, precisely).
5. I don't like being in the highway. It's plain and boring. So I sing. Again. And again. And again.