Saturday, 30 May 2009

10 Must Things That I Don't Have

1. Converse sneaker(s). I don't have any of em even though i want em so bad. idk why i didn't buy it straight away, though.

2. Black blazer. I'm 15, yeah. I know when I'll wear it, I'll look too old. But anyway, it's still a MUST in a fashion world.

3. Leather jacket. Oh yeah. I thought I didn't want one but right now, OMG I WANT IT!!!

4. White shirt. I've been wearing one of my sister's or my mom's. They have tons of it and i have none. how ironic. same comment with the 2nd one, though.

5. Big black bag. I have one, but not the formal one. The Esprit one I have. But it's not comfy to wear and the material isn't so good.

6. Jeans vest. I don't know where to find a good one. I've come to zara, to pull and bear, forever 21, the-one-that-is-not-too-expensive-stores but I didn't find the jeans vest that fits me. Not fits literally, fits my taste that is.

7. Wedges. I actually like to see people wear wedges, don't know how're they on me?

8. Gold chains. I'm getting one, or two. Very. Soon. And maybe it will be a real gold, not the imitation one. Pray for me!!

9. Summer flip-flop. You know, the one that's like Roxy or Billabong. I need them for camping and soon-to-go-Bali-trip!! hope I can find one pair there!

10. LWD. It's stands for Little White Dress. I have a white dress, but this one is too childish. Come on. I bought it in sixth grade with the label BUNNY on it. puh-leeze.

btw, the things that were mentioned were not based on numbers. e.g. the first thing must have is converse sneakers. no. i just randomly wrote them.

and btw again. it's very late now. i'm sleepy, yeah, but i cannot sleep. but well, i'm signing out so...
Ciao :p

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