Friday, 4 September 2009

Waiting for the Holiday

All students must be dreaming about holiday.
Including me.
I just have two weeks left before the mid-semester hol and Idul Fitri but I still have a biology experiment to complete, an Indonesian essay based on the novel that we're reading ("Bumi Manusia" by Pramoedya Ananta Toer), an English excercise for paper one thing? idk, and also art class stuffs.
And because I haven't post any pictures lately, I will. Right now. Haha.

The Bali Trip. Sooo last June. ehehehe...

Quicksilver, Bali. With KJAM and our YLM (Year Level Manager) for three years since year 8, Mr. Angelus.

Kampung Daun, Bandung. Last July.

In Jakarta. I forgot what lounge it was.
I wore: Little Miss t-shirt from Singapore, H&M overall as a skirt, dress from Guangzhou, bag from Shanghai, and flats from Singapore

DP Camp, Blitar. Last July.

On the train that I'll never step my foot in ever again. It's the economy class and it's 5000 rupiah, for God's sake. I'm not acting like a spoiled or something, but come onnn. I've had my headache in and after we got out of the train.
Ironically, my friends said I was the one who slept very well through the journey. They cannot sleep, I slept 3/4 of the time. But still, I don't like it. Never. Ever.

Annual Camp (Year 11), Banyuwangi. Last August.

Annual Camp (Year 11), Banyuwangi. With KJAM.

Daven's Farewell, Waterfront. But he just came back because on the things that I heard, he didn't like living there (China, or to be precise, Guangzhou? Dunno). Hahah.

I wore:
Gap t-shirt, AIIZ blazer, H&M jeans, ankle boots from Guangzhou.
But in this pic I borrowed Kartika's heels from Guess. I just wanted to act goofy and this is what I've got. Such a party girl. Nah. Hahaha...

The pictures above were the things that I had done recently and I know the pictures are not much here, even though I have plenty in my folders. I'm just too lazy to upload more ;p
More on my fashion runway, next post. After this.

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