Saturday, 5 September 2009

Grey Vests or Sleeveless Cardigan

Okay. So now I will start a new ritual (maybe), posting about celebrities that I like with their fashion styles. So here is my first celebrity fashion review: Selena Gomez with her grey vests.
I recognized that she wore many types of grey vests (fyi, this is my own recognization from the pictures that I've collected).

A flowy sleeveless cardigan with details of the foldaways. I like this one. It feels like casual, but also chic at the same time. Effortlessly chic, right?

Another flowy sleevless cardigan, but this one is knitted. I like the headband because it is unique and also the shoes, of course. The color, the style, wooza...

It's more kind of a jeans vest. But this one is a grey jeans vest. I like the detail up there, the adjusting size or length of the vest.

Ooh. I like this one. It looks like jeans and also looks like cotton.

Now this one, is leather. Or the PVC legging material. Hahah. But this one is different from the other grey vests. Different materials, different style (look at the ties on the front).

The conclusion, I LOVE ALL OF THEM, especially when it looks so good on Selena Gomez. I didn't say this gonna be a new trend or whatever, but I think it won't hurt to have one grey vest, because me myself, is craving for it. I have one, though, but it mixes with the color black. Grey vest it the new black vest.
P.S.: If you want a black vest instead of grey, I suggest don't buy the regular style because right now the studded/sequined vest or the long one is in.
Ciao. :)

Source: I forget where I took those pictures because I took from different sites and didn't save the URL. :(

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