Friday, 31 July 2015

Stuttgart, Germany

In Stuttgart, my friends and I only had the chance to visit the Mercedes Benz Museum and nothing else! Really bummed because after seeing my sister's pictures when she visited Stuttgart, I kinda missed a lot. But I promised myself that someday I will come back to this city. The city itself is grey, much like other German cities. But the Benz Museum is ah-mazing! And we only paid 4€ per person as a student! (And then I remembered that in London we go to museums for free…… Pardon me, I will forever compare any city I'm going to visit to London because I am that deeply in love with it). The interior is very cool and OH MY GOD, the cars are so very sexy. I can't really describe it with other adjectives because they are sexy! And I'm not a car person. But maybe I'm bias, because I like old cars. They're so vintage and looking so classy, especially Benzies. If you watch The Great Gatsby, that's basically the car that I'm talking about. And they have loads in this museum.

The clouds opened up when we left for Paris… Such an amazing view from the car.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015


I was about to post everything into one post but thought it would be too many pictures but this city needs a little more spotlight than just one post. So here you go, more pictures :)

Monday, 13 July 2015

Prague, Czech Republic

In this trip I packed very lightly and by lightly I mean one small luggage so it could fit the back of the car--along with 4 of my friends' luggages--since we had a road trip. So my strategies were to maximise the usage of each garment so they could be mixed and matched in repeat without having to wear the same outfit twice.

When we arrived at night on New Year's Eve, I felt Prague was… not pretty. We had a lame New Year celebration as well, on a boat with horrible buffet and on the countdown we went up to the top deck and saw terrible fireworks and people on the bridges throwing beer bottles to the river, which was very dangerous because boats were passing under the bridges! However, it was still memorable because it's not where you are, again, it's WHO you are with and I felt grateful I got to spend that New Year's Day 1 January 2014 with amazing friends!

In the morning, we actually scheduled to leave Prague and headed straight to Stuttgart, but we drove around the city for a while after looking for a restaurant (which was hard to find since it was a New Year's day, so we ate Chinese food!) Then, we decided to roam around the city that turned out to be beautiful and postponed our journey to Stuttgart. We went to
Little did we know, the Czechs celebrated New Year's Day with loads of fireworks on the night of 1st January, not at midnight between 31st December and 1st January! So when we left the city, it was practically traffic jam because people are standing in the streets watching fireworks! It was weird, but it's interesting to know that different culture celebrate a common event differently and that's what I love about travelling; you always find out something new.

This is the view of our New Year, okay? Imagine how in disbelief we were when we see only one firework every 30 seconds.

Dress - W.O.M.B.
Sweater, leggings & scarf - H&M
Boots - Clarks
Bag - 3.1. Phillip Lim

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