Monday, 6 February 2012

Neighbor of The Big Apple

Hey how's everyone doing? I have nothing much to tell except that right now I'm eating a bowl of fusili and minced beef, without the bolognese sauce. Stoopid me, realized that the sauce has expired AFTER I cooked the minced beef and boiled the fusili. So now I'm topping it up with cheese. Sounds NOT delicious, I know.
It is not.

Okay, SO... These pictures were taken on the last day of my family vacation to Canada. I forgot the name of our last city before heading to Toronto Airport. But the view was quite amazing. It was that island that contained a thousand island, if that's even possible. I mean, there was a villa for each island and to get there you should ride a ferry/ boat.

Loving the black and white effect from the camera

The Big Apple behind the buildings. Funny, cause Canada is not New York. Hence, the title.

Got myself an instax picture

This is how the Canadians called KFC

Isn't the McDonald's symbol cute with that little maple leaf on the centre? :3

Ciao, chiquitas.

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