Thursday, 2 February 2012

Portobello Market

The famous Portobello Market. I love this place. You can find antique stuff and good food. I found a store called the Applebee and it was cute, you know. Sort of like Korean clothing but it's actually a UK brand. Maybe I need to buy some of their stuff.

You may heard the Portobello from the movie Notting Hill starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. What I've read (because I haven't see it...remind me to!) is when Julia Roberts couldn't afford to buy the stuff in one of the shops, Richard Gere bought her the whole things from the shop. Oh God. Need. To. Watch. It. ASAP.

I don't know they sell fake Cambridge Satchels in the market @.@

Lots of crepes sellers, but the best one is not from here.

No outfit picture on that day because I was simply being simple. A pair of jeans, long sleeves, trench coat, and boots. Typical winter costume. See ya later on the next outfit post!



Bambi said...

Oh man, I read so many great things about these markets :( Even Keira Knightly is a big fan! It'd be so magical to go there :)

jenni said...

I miss London! I'd like to visit it as often I can! The Portobello market is legendary!