Friday, 12 October 2012

Back to Being Bipolar

Well, not me! The weather, of course. You just can't stop complaining about the weather until the sun really showed up and you said, "Oh it's sunny today..." Then the rain came a few hours later (with the sun still out), and commented, "I can't believe it's raining!" That's London, unfortunately. As lovely as this city is, sometimes (okay, most of the time) the weather just drives you cray cray.

So, in tribute of the bad rainy weather, I'll present to you a gloomy set of what was supposed-to-be-a-bright-Brighton-beach. Our fault, actually, to come to Brighton beach (the one in Melbourne, not in the actual Brighton) in a wintry day. But, you know, being me, I was like, "I WANNA SEE HOW THOSE COLORFUL 'HOUSES' LOOK LIKE!"

They were still colorful, of course. Just with a greyish background.

Look how the wind blew really hard it made my dress looked balloony

Dress - W.O.M.B
Legging - Blujuice
Shoes and coat - Zara
Scarf - Burberry
Necklace - Accessorize

The dress was very cool, one of my favorites, because it could be styled into 9 different ways. I always love clothing that have multiple designs, you know. So even though it was pricey, it was totally worth it! I could wear it in formal/informal occasions. W.O.M.B is a Singapore local brand, and it is available in Ion and Bugis. I bought the dress a few years back, though, so I'm pretty sure it's not there anymore. But, heads up for new designs! :)

Anyway, whenever I traveled I basically took my outfit posts, right? And it kinda sucked to have the same bag and shoes in every picture, just different clothing. I knew it myself without my brother reminded me, "Ew, why did you take outfit posts? You wore the same bag and shoes!" Well, I'M SORRY I COULDN'T BRING MY WHOLE WARDROBE OVERSEAS! That was the reaction I wanna give to him. But, hm, don't mind hahaha...


P.S. I know they are not "houses". But I don't know what their function is. Like, housing the boats? Or cafes? Do they open in summer? Any Ozzies want to answer this? :)


Shopaholic said...


Akiko said...

What lovely housing (well not housing?)! So colorful :) You look lovely and love your shoes! xo akiko
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blackberryfashion said...

Great look! This place is very nice :)

Gabriella Olivia said...

cute outfit! i love your coat!

i love your shoes from your previous post! so cute! <3

Claireta Teressa said...

love your shoes
and also love the place where you took these photos!

Yulie Kendra said...

nice outfit !!! maybe we follow each other!? let me know ;)

Wynne Prasetyo said...

these cute little "not-houses" are seriously so adorable. those colors!! <3 you look great Adeline, and am so glad to hear how appreciative you are of Batik!


Stephanie Lin said...

Oh those colors on the buildings are so pretty. Really brightens up the photographs!

And I'm in FDM here, but I'm only at CSM for a term, haha. I'm a study abroad student from Parsons :)

LPFashionPhilosophy said...

Super fun photos! Amazing location too<3

ox from NYC!


michelle_ said...

Your photos make me miss aussie so much !!
Great pics!!