Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I Thought I Was Done Studying

This is what I wore to the IELTS test last Saturday. 

zara trf t-shirt and skirt, unbranded cardigan, bag from shanghai, steve madden flats 

Okay. So I think the title didn't come out right. Bear with me. I was in the middle of my holiday and yet I should open the IELTS book for practice. It was like high school all over again, minus the Bahasa, IT, biology, maths, and art. Kiddin'. Well, sorta. Because I always feel this guilt and uneasy feeling every time I did something else when I need to be doing something...else, like studying. But now it's over and I can finally enjoy my holiday to the fullest. Wrong.
As I said, I will not just spend this break laying around in my bed, watching movies, and read magazines or books, I will find some mood-boosting activities even though my mood is boosted already by doing those lazy stuff I mentioned above. It's good to have a me-time and doing nothing except those, but those activities are not good for your health. Like, literally. So I sleep, wake up, eat, watch movies, sleep, wake up, eat, watch movies. How was that healthy? RIGHT? All that's left of it is probably increased number on your weight scale, which, by the way, I do not have. Seriously, I don't have a weight scale in my house which is why I often lose track on how much I weigh. But that doesn't matter because soon, I will be hitting the gym. Well,... I want to. Gotta motivate myself!!!

A handmade necklace. Or not. I compiled all the pendants I have when I was a child (when the silver necklaces were in... *erm*) and hang them on a black string... which I bought when I was a child. Too. *grin*

I love the colors (pink and turquoise) combined together. They remind me of bubble gums. 

Ciao :)

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Miss Aa said...

yups..i'm also from surabaya :D

that's a cute dress btw :)
nice to meet you