Saturday, 18 June 2011

Plum and Blueberry

unbranded graphic tunic and tights, pull and bear tank top, magnolia outerwear, dior sling bag, charles and keith heels

jiesbeadz bracelet, forever 21 ring 

don't you love the color combination navy blue and dusty purple? they match together. 

So I'm still trying to figure out with blogging stuff. I'm no tech person and I'm trying to make my blog as cozy to look at as possible. Presentation is important hahah. So the pictures on the last post were bad because I made them looked bigger with the 'Edit HTML' way and the pixels were distorted. Sorry about that. However, I'm not comfortable either with small pictures, so if anybody know how to make the pictures bigger without breaking the pixels, please do tell me. I'm opening now as I type.
Ciao :) 

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