Sunday, 12 June 2011

Miss Sunshine

unbranded bodycon long sleeved dress, tailor made skirt, charles & keith wooden wedges, gucci handbag

Look at how the effect of the editing makes the perfume bottle looks like made from a can. And I like how the green blend with the silver in that kind of shape. 
h&m bangle, aldo rings, necklace and bracelet bought in shanghai, dkny perfume


I'm hereeee... At home. I got back from the class farewell trip on Friday but didn't maintain to post a post ;P blach. Anyway, I'm so gonna miss my class. Had so much fun. And when I said so much, I mean SOOOO MUUUUUUUCCCCCHHHHH... We were closer than ever. Pictures will be posted soon :$
The outfit above is the one I wore for a night out with my best friends on the weekend. I really like a night out on the weekend because the vibe is so alive. The places were crowded, but... alive. Everybody seemed like having a good time. And so did I. Good for people-watching too!
Speaking of that, when I once went out by myself--or was it when I waited for my friends to come, I forgot--I usually people-watched. I observed what others were doing, what they were wearing, what they were talking (pssst... eavesdropper heheh :P). It was just fun. Like that. Watching people doing what they did, it was like putting yourselves out of your mind, forgetting your problems for a split second. I didn't do it that often but when I got the chance, I did.



yum yellow
you are amazing, love it! great post as usual

Miss Aa said...

great the color.. :)

check out my blog if you have a free time

warmest regards,
Miss Aa

Anti said...

nice skirt i love the color :)
and DKNY parfume is also my fave ^^

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

love your jewellery! x hivenn