Sunday, 18 April 2010


i went out to look for a dress for my friend's sweet 17th birthday party.  my outfit:

polkadot dress from guangzhou, ODF jacket (got it in HK), unbranded shoes and necklaces, dior handbag, diy bracelets, f21 ring
my necklace is actually a key hanger or something like that but i used it as a necklace. just tied it with a string. btw, i like the colors on the pic above ;p

got myself three dresses. i only intended to buy one (the left one) for my friend's sweet 17th party and the dresscode would be red. but then tried out more clothes (as always) and my mom told me to take them. :)
finally i got a mustard-colored thing :D
all i need to add right now is a polkadot tights.

look at my clothes hanger. only in black, grey, and white colors. actually i need to wear more colors cos it's spring and summer soon and all. hahah..

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