Monday, 12 November 2012

In Every Season We Shop

Don't you agree, shopaholics? It doesn't matter in what season we're in, we ALWAYS find one or two reasons to shop. For example:

Me: I need black boots.
Me: And brown, cause I don't have brown.
Me: Well, I do, but I have the chocolate brown, not the tanned leather brown.
Me: And I need new coats as well.
Me: My coats are all old and boring. I want maroon, and green, and navy blue, and grey.
Me: Because I have blue and grey outerwears, but they are blazers, not coats. I need coats. Winter is coming.


But for now, I have to stick with what I have, because I'm saving for the winter break sale! And Margiela at H&M! And boxing day! Hahaha <3 p="p">

No, no, I didn't dye my hair

Green shirt - Bershka
Blue jumper - Cotton Ink
Shorts - Forever 21
Tights - Zara
Socks - Sox Galeri
Flats - New Look



Andrea said...

Your hair is really cute and your tights too!

febrina utami putri said...

You look cute! Yes that thoughts about shopping always happen to me as well :)

Anonymous said...

this is cute! <3
wanna follow each other? lemme know

sweet and sugars,

Ruby and Rosa said...

anyway, you look cute Korean girl with that outfit!
but you're indonesian ?

Claireta Teressa said...

soo cute!

Giulia Tomaselli said...

Cute blog.

TinaS said...

Hey, darling, I took a look at your blog and I must admit it is lovely :)
I have a blog too, so maybe I can inspire you a bit, like you inspired me! If you want to we can follow each other.
Just let me know when you have followed me so that I can follow you back! :)
Have a nice day! xo/Tina, Style Sinners
Twitter - @TinaStefanovic
Instagram - tina_stefanovic

Jo N said...

Yes we just make up any excuse to shop :p
I just got back from overseas with an extra luggage bag of clothes and I have already ordered more online.

ps:Really like the flats.

Elizabeth Nott said...

This is so true! A shopaholic will always find a reason to shop. Love your tights!