Sunday, 6 November 2011

Beware of Hacker

The weather is getting colder and colder. I wore three layers today and it's still wasn't enough. Or maybe it was because I wore three thin layers... Hmmm... Should start wearing trench coat soon. And shop for more trench coats ;)

cotton on tank top, uniqlo cardigan, h&m pants, lady dior, zara shoes, suddenly i forget where i got that necklace from

So around last week my cousin got her Facebook account hacked. This hacker asked a lot of my cousin's friends for money. A few of them almost transfer the money, most of them knew already it was a hack, and one did transfer the money. It was so confusing, so irritating, so weird, and I don't know, I just wanted to tell the hacker to get a life. I mean, you can use those time looking for a job instead hacking people's account and asked money from people. My cousin had changed her password and e-mail, but the hacker got in again today. I don't know, Mr./Mrs. No Life, maybe you're good at technology, but you sure are no good in getting a real job.

People, just beware of hackers. If somebody you know ask you for money via the Internet where you can't see his/her face, then find out more why (s)he needs it, or ask his/her parents, or anything just not to be tricked.

The hacker even talked to me, but fortunately I didn't reply him/her, because I was with my cousin at that time -.- so so stupid. (S)he even called me the nickname my sister gave to me, so I really thought it was my cousin. So I was like, "Did you just talk to me via FB?" and my cousin answered, "Uh, no?" And I asked her again twice, and she answered no twice too. I was getting a bit confuse and decided not to bother again until her friends and her sister told her her Facebook account was being hacked.

Lesson of the day: BEWARE OF HACKER!



Flaviana Boni said...

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Fabrizia said...

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Karina Pricilla said...

nice bag! woot woot
anyway, it's not in surabaya but singapore :)

faboosh baboosh.