Thursday, 10 November 2011

Thank God It's Thursday

Not that tomorrow I have no class or anything, but tomorrow's class will only be for one and a half hours so yiipiiiee! Students are students, you can't expect them to be excited about going to school everyday.

Okay. Story: I almost cried because I miss Indonesian food too much. This is the thing that's going on in my mind for the past couple of days. I miss sambal, I miss good rice, I miss nasi goreng jawa, ayam penyet, bakwan penyet, pentol, tahu telor, sop merah, sayur asem, jangan bening, soto, rawon, EVERYTHING!!! I just realized that I'm an Asian food type of girl because when my cousin asked me what type of food I favored? I can't answer the question, I always said, "I can eat anything. I mean, I love Western food as much as Asian food. I love sushi, steak, pasta, pandan chicken, and sandwich. All." Guess what? I hate sandwich. Okay, I don't hate hate sandwich, I just don't like it as my lunch. Or dinner.! Now I have to cook by myself :(

zara trf dress, armani exchange jacket, uniqlo socks, zara shoes

my sister bought me this necklace from like, what, a year ago? i think it's from diva.

the very obedient ducks

wasn't able to come in cos it was closed. so i just pretended to watch the show of the white dolphin. no. white elephant? no. i'm not sure, i forgot.

These are the pictures that were taken when I was in Canada vacation-ing. At the end of the trip, I was asking what's so special about this country apart from the fact that it's America Wannabe? Joking. I'm not Barney Stinson who constantly mocked Robin about her beloved country. I love Vancouver, it's a good place to live :) And especially this restaurant called Guu, a very yummy Japanese restaurant :9

Sooo, I still have to work on my portfolio though. The fact that it's Thursday doesn't mean I can blog, listen to music, and then sleep. I have 30 times A3-sized-papers waiting for me to work on them. So, enjoy your Friday for all of you who live in Indonesia, cos it's 11.11.11. Yes?

P.S. I'll enjoy mine too, hopefully I can go to this party/artwork show/ fashion show in The British Museum tomorrow night. Grayson Perry night.


akiko said...

Gorgeous dress! -akiko

Cindy Karmoko said...

i love your outfit and your last pic is amazing!

Carissa said...

seems like you have a nice day ;)


Julie said...

Love the blazer! Very cute :D