Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Color Block in November 2011

I'm sorry I've been neglecting this blog for a couple of weeks. I've been dealing with some sort of problems, like going back to my hometown (last minute shopping and packing...not really, but sort of), and the very sad moment of the year, my family and I lost my grandpa 2 days after I arrived. But I know he's in a better place now...

And not bringing my laptop back is not helping at all (I'm just too lazy to carry around heavy stuff in the airport) so I need to borrow my younger brother's laptop if he's not using it, which is like 0.0000000000000000001% chance happening. He's always in front of his laptop. I don't know that online game is still trending jsdbywugehfbkfnsikhcu (that was me being irritated).

However, now that I'm back on my saddle (even though I don't have any horse), I'll present to you (drum rolls) the color block in November 2011! --> This outfit post was taken in November. 2011 that is.

cotton ink black polaris as top, monica and penelope cruz for mango cardigan, zara trf skirt, new look tights and flats, issey miyake bag

This is the Issey Miyake Bao Bao Bag I was talking about kjsbdxusgebfnejfbsdv I'm still totally eternally crazy in love about it. How could you fall in love, and do it all over again, with the same thing?

accessorize bracelet and primark yellow bangle, evita perroni 2 in 1 necklace

Nevertheless, I'm enjoying my holiday right now. I never thought I could miss Surabaya THAT much. The decision to go home was very sudden. I didn't plan to, but then I changed my mind. I miss my family, friends, and the food. Three Fs that keep you alive.

I've made a list on what food I'd like to eat here (Bon Ami, Bu Kris, nasi goreng jawa, La Rucola, etc etc etc).
I've made a list on what things I'd like to buy (loads and loads of instant cooking materials, sauces, fabrics and threads, etc etc etc).
I've made a list on what things I'd like to do (relaxing and doesn't have to deal with home chores i.e. cleaning up my own room and cook!, beautify myself in the salon, massage (heaven!), etc etc etc).
And finally, to spend time with my family during Christmas and New Year's Eve, the most wonderful times of year! And of course, New Year, but you know, it's not the same year... if you get what I mean.

So, what are your plans for the holiday? And what are YOU planning to wear on Christmas and New Year, the most wonderful times of the year (see? I'm repeating it)???


piapia said...

such a unique bag :) love it. i like your skirt's color too !

akiko said...

The color combination is so chic and beautiful! So fun and great look! xo akiko
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michellehendra said...

cutie pie!

michelle_ said...

i love the bag !

Kim said...

LOVE this! You are so cute!

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