Saturday, 7 January 2012

Back to Big Ben

Hi, sorry for not updating this blog over the holiday. Now that I'm back to my laptop, I can blog regularly :)

I'm back in this beautiful city. Unfortunately, as stunning as this metropolitan city is, if you're not with your family, you're most likely being sad.... :( like me. I cried during cleaning my studio just after I got back. I miss my mama and papa already. I'm like, really, really, really, duper, hyper sad. And I haven't eat dinner. And my Blackberry isn't on yet because I haven't buy the top up cards. And... (the list will go on and on... I'm such a complainer).

I REALLY MISS MY MOM AND DAD!!!!!! *sobbing, while typing*

But I'll always keep this in mind; this is for my dream. Who says that doing your university course overseas is all about fun and happy and exciting and etc etc? The process includes tears (clearly), hard work, mixed cultures, and probably, for some of you (and me), being alone. This is for achieving my goal.

zara trf romper, unbranded tights, zara oxford shoes, mulberry alexa bag, accessorize accessories

Photographed by Recordance

See you on next post when I'm not being all sappy.

P.S. Happy new year, fellas! A week after greeting. Nice. 


akiko said...

Love your romper so much! You looks so pretty - xo akiko
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