Saturday, 29 June 2013

Awesomely Awesome

I want to be poetic by saying the sky was as blue as the... but usually we compared anything blue with the sky or the ocean so I can't really say the ocean was as blue as the ocean, can I? But it was very blue though. You can witness it yourself through the photos which I didn't even edit, or what the Instagrammers now say; #nofilter. I fell in love with Scotland's scenery. It was breathtaking and absolutely picturesque. I can't stop thinking how wonderful it was and I got to enjoy it for about a week for the Spring break last time. God is awesome.

Shirt - Bershka
Outerwear - AIIZ
Jeans - Zara
Scarf - Pull & Bear
Beanie - ASOS
Boots - Doc Marts
Bag - Givenchy Pandora

Photographed by Paulina Koshan

I've been trying to find the perfect leopard printed scarf and just found one (I mean in winter) in Pull & Bear. You know how some leopard print are like too small or too spacey, or the colour ain't right? This is, the perfect one. And it wasn't pricey at all, got it for only 10 quid.

I dressed up comfy for Scotland, thinking there might be some rain and I needed rubber boots (hence the Doc Marts in all the pics), comfiest jeans, dark colours, et cetera et cetera. But it turned out the weather was super duper lovely for the whole 9 days we were there. It was sunny and breezy. The road was long and straight. The sun set at around 7 pm. The view was magical. The company was fantastic. Only the food was quite blah, but that was the least of the problem. One of the most memorable trips ever.



Linde Lou said...

Perfect! <3

Constance said...

What a beautiful place! I love your beanie and shoes, you are perfectly dress dor the ocation.

charmeuse said...

You look so lovely <3 ;)

CoutureTrend Jessica said...

so so gorgeous

Ines de Castro said...

I love it, do you want to follow each other?

Nice blog between, i really like it :)

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Pop Champagne said...

it looks so pretty there, love the sky and the architecture!