Friday, 17 April 2009

Fashion Wishlists

Top 25 Wishlists:
1. Grey vest
2. B/W long sleeve cardigan
3. Big black bag
4. Orange cardigan
5. Plaid brown shorts
6. B/W shawl
7. Grey long sleeve dress
8. Burberry scarf
9. Gold chains
10. B/W (or navy blue-white, or red-white)stripes t-shirt
11. Brown ballerina flats
12. Floral dress
13. Elegant black tank top
14. Black Converse
15. White Converse
16. Red Converse
17. Jeans vest
18. Green long sleeve t-shirt
19. Black cropped jacket/ coat
20. Black sling bag
21. White hand bag
22. White vest
23. Red scarf
24. Red-framed sunglass
25. Red waist belt

This lists are not rate based on what I really wanted, though. They are random.
And seriously, I never had a Converse before. You know, the classic one. Just one. And I don't really like the color. It's green-army. Not the type that I like. I like bright colors. And lately, I found out that red is very interesting. And FYI, I don't have red t-shirts at all cause I don't really like red, especially on t-shirt. Hahaha... Well, just telling... Stuff...

:) Good night, ciao...

1 comment:

xoxNinaxox said...

Omg no converse? lol hehe i jus have the basic denim one. and gosh, I totally agree with your fashion list :P Hey where the heels at? cause I'm in live with heels.